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Without these 5 things at home, life becomes more and more comfortable

Afterwards, you will regret why you didn’t spend some time and energy to organize and eliminate some items that you no longer need, or to consider whether it is really useful before buying. Exhausted, it will not cause too much “blind consumption” Save with Currys discount code, Currys NHS discount code.

Therefore, in life, we must learn to “break away” , many things, if you think that you will not use them in 2 years or use them less often, then you should throw them away in time, and your mood will be much better.

Goknowl blogs tells you best ways to feel comfort at home and social media platforms and about technologies.

Remind everyone: If you don’t have these 5 things at home, in fact, life will be more comfortable, but unfortunately, many people don’t understand and are still moving home!

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Let’s take a look together~

1. Kitchen seasoning basket

Coupled with the introduction of the cabinet sister, I feel that the pull basket thief can store it.

Of course, this is just one side of the word you hear, because for them, you add an extra basket and you will add hundreds of RMB.

First of all, the partitions in the seasoning basket are all fixed. If the soy sauce and vinegar bottle you bought is not the right size, it will not fit in at all.

Secondly, every time you take it, you have to keep opening the basket, and the hardware is easy to break after a long time;

In addition, there are many corners and corners of the pull basket, and the stains accumulated by the seasoning are not easy to clean. Every cleaning is a big project.

Compared with this kind of fixed seasoning basket, it is better to buy a rotating storage tray, put it in the cabinet or on the countertop, all kinds of bottles and cans can be put in, it is more flexible, and it is easy to clean. It can be directly underwater. rinse.

Moreover, it can also rotate 360°, just take the inside and turn it around, and it won’t knock the next one.

2. Universal power strip

The universal socket has a large aperture, and one hole can be used for multiple purposes. The British standard, American standard, and national standard can be used universally. Therefore, many people used this kind of socket in their homes in the early days, but the country banned production 8 years ago.

Because the aperture is large and there is no safety protection door, there is a safety hazard to children;

Moreover, the contact area between the socket blade and the electrical plug is small, and the long-term use will cause the blade to overheat, so that there is a risk of burning and burning the socket and causing a fire.

If there is one at home, it is recommended to update it, and it is better to avoid it when there is no purchase, because it is still sold on the market. Shop now using Bargain Fox discount code, Charles Bentley Discount Codes, and Amazon Promo Code NHS at NordicTrack Discount Code

3. Carpets and floor mats that are reluctant to throw away

When decorating, in order to improve the happiness of life, many people will arrange floor mats for the entrance kitchen, and also add a soft and comfortable carpet next to the sofa in the living room . . Show now with AO discount code and AO discount code NHS , AO NHS discount, AO promo code NHS, Ao coupon code 10 Off, AO NHS discount code at AO Voucher Code NHS

4. Old-fashioned pressure cooker

It can cook a pot of rice in 15 minutes, and cook a pot of meat in 20 minutes. In the past, the pressure cooker was a must-have kitchen utensil at home. 

5. Hard bristle toilet brush

Many people use various methods when cleaning the toilet, just to make it easier and more convenient to clean the toilet.

But no matter how you clean the toilet, it will still cause a lot of trouble when cleaning. This is actually because there is a problem with the toilet brush. The toilet brush we use often leaves sewage and poop on the toilet when cleaning.

Safe foaming and automatic cleaning, 12cm thin tube sprays far away without dead ends! One spray, one soak, one rinse , no need to wash, 10 minutes to easily freshen and descale!

Facing any dead corner of the toilet, spray lightly, white, soft and fragrant bubbles will emerge, spray around the inner wall of the toilet, wait for 10 minutes, and the rich bubbles will dissolve the dirt inside.

After flushing it with water, the toilet is just like new. Finally, you don’t have to clean the toilet yourself. The key is to have a nice fragrance! It’s a lazy person’s gospel~

The sprayed bubbles are very rich, soft and dense, and the spraying force is very powerful~ The bubbles are very comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand, do not hurt the skin, and smell very fragrant~

Let the bubbles stay for a while longer, and then rinse with water, they are all gone~ It becomes white and bright.

That disgusting taste can’t wait to take a bath 10 times on the spot

Some people say that the pad is good, I tried it too, but the poo is also easy to break down, which is more embarrassing.

But with toilet bubble mousse, it’s not a problem! Every time before you use the tuba, spray a layer of bubble mousse on the toilet water storage area, you can directly “package” the falling down, and directly prevent water splashing!

Water splash test:

Not only is it splash-proof, but 100,000 dense bubbles hold tightly together, and it also prevents odors from drilling up.

Every time I enter the bathroom, I seem to have strayed into the lemon garden. Bi Ye and Huang Ning gently sway in the breeze, bringing the refreshing and brisk summer to you, which is comfortable and emotional~

It saves you from buying another air freshener to put in the bathroom.

No wonder it sold out as soon as it went on the market, and it’s so easy to use! home It’s all spontaneous compliments~

Many people have 5 bottles of 10 bottles in their homes. After all, who doesn’t love this kind of lazy artifact!

I really recommend everyone to try it!

How to use: twist the nozzle, insert a thin tube (shake the bottle before use), then spray around the inner wall of the toilet, wait for 10 minutes , the rich and dense bubbles will dissolve the dirt inside Come down and clean with an easy descaling. Simple and convenient, there is a faint fragrance afterward~

There are also great deals now:

Action is not as good as heartbeat, a bottle only costs 49.99, buy some more at home, and give it away is also a very good choice!

Buy now, there are also value-added activities such as [Buy 2 Bottles Get 1 Bottle Free] [Buy 3 Bottles Get 2 Bottles Free], the more you buy, the more cost-effective it is!

Compared with a bottle of dozens of cleaners in the supermarket, this toilet bubble cleaning mousse is really not expensive!

To know more about it please visit: getknowl.com

Stock up early! Use early! Save yourself early!

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