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What’s So Special About Gladiator Burger Menu?

Toronto has always been a popular and well-known city in Canada, and when we talk about Canada, how can we not discuss its food? Toronto has unlimited options of restaurants and online fast food delivery services, for you to choose from.

Today we are here with a new fast food restaurant in Toronto, “Gladiator Burger & Steak”, wait! Are you already familiar with this restaurant’s name? If yes, this blog will help you better understand “Gladiator Burger & Steak”!

And if you are one of those who find this name new, and thinking what could you find special on Gladiator burger’s menu, then we’ll recommend just hold tight and read up till the end!

If you haven’t seen or heard about Gladiator Burger & Steak on social media or in the news, you’re clearly missing out! So without delay let’s get into it!

Gladiator’s First Burger

They decided to open in the summer of 2018 after months of planning and designing the restaurant. Their first customer was a gentleman who drives by Gladiator every day on his way to work and has been waiting patiently for them to open.

Fast forward to 2022, and they’ve expanded to 5 locations across the GTA, serving the best burgers and steak sandwiches to new communities!

Gladiator Burger Kennedy

One of the most well-known burger joints in the GTA has opened its first location in Scarborough. Gladiator Burger, known for its huge and crazy burger creations, has recently opened its fifth location in Scarborough, making it the fifth location in its expanding burger empire.

Now, located in heart of Kennedy Road, Gladiator Burger provides you with delicious gourmet, full of cheese and spicy burgers, plus point is that hand-cut fries and steak sandwiches are available too which makes them special and unique from other restaurants. Other than Missussiaga,  Gladiator Burger is now providing its services in Kennedy.

If you want to have an authentic Gladiator Burgers experience, try the Unleash My Hunger burger! Starting with two prime beef patties, it’s topped with Canadian cheddar cheese, crusted mozzarella cheese, beef bacon, guacamole, pineapple, salsa, and served between two grilled cheese buns with chipotle aioli and BBQ sauce! 

Gladiator Burger Menu

Gladiator Burger, known for its bizarre creations, serves massive burgers and steak sandwiches on the menu. Beef, chicken, and veggie burgers are among the protein options. And they don’t just turn them into burgers for you; they’re known to go out of their way to make the visual monstrosities they bring to the table a full experience.

The True Emperor, a 6 oz prime beef patty topped with buffalo chicken tenders, jalapenos, caramelized onions, tomatoes, lettuce, chipotle aioli, and rosemary garlic aioli, is a popular burger creation. The “Unleash My Hunger” burger is a double patty burger with the works sandwiched between two grilled cheese buns.

Another menu item that customers enjoy is the steak sandwiches. There are also chicken sandwiches and vegetarian options, including a Beyond Meat burger and a crusted portobello mushroom patty. Customers can have their creations customized in any way they want.

Gladiator Burger’s second location is at 1961 Kennedy Road, on the corner of Progress Avenue in Scarborough.

Talking about more of the Gladiator Burger menu, if you are a beef person you can go for Gladiator Burger if you like chicken it’s also available on the Gladiator Burger menu.

Also, the names of these burgers make them so special, that you want to try them out before even tasting them; Hot Battle, The Arena, Undefeated, Gladiator, Commander, etc, 

If you are thinking that they are just limited to burgers and steak sandwiches, then let me provide you with some more details about the Gladiator Burger menu, they provide you with the finest chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla shakes, and also how can one forget about fries! Gladiator Burger menu contains a variety of fries which includes Onion, Cheese, Bacon Cheese with Garlic Aioli, and many more.

Gladiator Burger Reviews

If we have to compare Burger Factory menu and the Gladiator Burger menu, on the basis of reviews from the public, then it is clear that people love to go to Gladiator Burger!

Talking about Gladiator Burger testimonials, Gladiator Burger has secured its place in the fast food market with a 9 out of 10-star rating.

One client has reviewed them something like this:

“…Gem restaurants that you wish you found or knew about earlier…”

I’ve heard about this place a couple of times and finally decided to try it. This place is one of those gem restaurants that you wish you found or knew about earlier. Portions are fair for the price. A regular burger combo will be enough to make you full. The whole place was clean including the washroom. 10/10”

Steve Zimm

Google Review

Another one states something like this:

“My soul is happy after eating their burgers”

My soul is happy after eating their burger. It shouldn’t be but it’s so hard to find a place that makes a good chicken burger. Their burgers are very fresh, juicy and so full of flavour. Service was pretty quick too.

Akshata Patil

Google Review

Bottom Line

All in all Gladiator Burger & Steak will never ever disappoint you! 

If you are thinking if they provide online delivery services, don’t worry UberEats has got you. Now you can order from the Gladiator Burger menu without having to worry about going there! Gladiator provides several options based on your appetite, ingredient preferences, and tastes! If you keep track of calories, you might want to take a day off after trying these burgers!

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