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What are the interesting things about PU grouting?

The pu grouting is a unique technique that involves injecting polyurethane to expand to stop water from running down or through cracks or to fill the gaps under the concrete slabs, concrete joints or behind walls and concrete joints. This method is very useful and effective when applied to the bottom or negative aspects of water leakage, for example, from the bottom of a leaking wall or downstairs ceiling, for issues related to the upper and lower floors, or in a water leak between floors.

What is the process of PU grouting?

  • Drill holes in the surface: Periodically drill a port or hole in the crack. The distance between the two ports depends on the type of crack. The minimum depth and diameter of the ports are 5 cm and 2.5 cm, respectively, for small cracks. The distance between the two ports can be in the range of 150-200 mm.
  • Seal cracks between ports: Fill the cracks between the ports with polyester, epoxy or cement material to make the seal harden. If a crack penetrates a structure such as a wall, surface and port seals are applied on both sides.
  • Clean cracks and ports: Clean and clear holes and cracks properly before starting grout. You can do this with clean water using a vacuum to clean the cracks and then you should sprinkle the cracks with water. 
  • Grouting pipe joints: For small PU grout pressures up to 350kPa, a conical hand held joint on the grout pipe is sufficient. For large grout pressures, the short pipe nipple is connected to the hole to connect the grout tube. Fix the tube or nipple in the hole and seal it with glue to make sure it won’t move out of place.
  • Inject glue along the cracks: Now, use the grout machine to inject the grout into the crack. It must be full of pressure. 

Is this why you should use PU Injection Grouting to help fix water leaks?

  • The pu grouting is the most effective solution for most leakage problems.
  • Grout injection is a cost-effective alternative to other methods. It involves injecting resin into affected cracks or areas that create a chemical reaction upon contact with water. This will fill the voids within these cracks.
  • Using the latest PU grouting technique, you don’t need to cut your floors, walls or ceilings.

What is the right time to use PU Injection Grouting Method?  Customers need a hassle-free process and a fast-acting and eco-friendly waterproofing solution for commercial or residential buildings. PU grouting technique is widely used to fix leaks due to its quick drying properties and the ability to reach tiny hair cracks invisible to the human eye. Water is the main cause of cracks in buildings. Over time Cement and porous materials can be damaged due to the constant expansion and contraction caused by the environment. If cracks or gaps are found in damp areas (kitchen, balcony, Bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, living hall) can also damage your building or home. Therefore, the PU grouting process must be completed promptly to avoid other problems.

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