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Triund Trek: A wonderful weekend excursion

Day 1

In the course of time, our five college friends had planned an excursion to Tucson. In Dharamshala the city, it rains frequently, and often for prolonged durations. The day it was a beautiful day and summer was just begun. As we didn’t have a car and were unable to drive, we decided to go to Triund with the help of local transportation. In the early hours morning, all of us were met in Dharamshala’s Gandhi Chowk, which is near Bus Stop in the town. We all had a plan to take a bus to Meclodganj in our minds.

Meclodganj as well as the Bhagsunag

The bus departs first to Meclodganj as well as the Bhagsunaag route at approximately 8:15 a.m.We got on that bus in Dharamshala and reached Meclodganj around 9 am. As it was early morning there were no taxis or rickshaws which could take passengers to the Galu temple which is where the trek to Triund starts. There were a few local taxis there, but we decided against using them because of their pricey rates in Triund and the Galu Temple.

Food items:

Thus it was at Meclodganj We all bought numerous necessities, along with some beverages and food items like juices, cookies water bottles, Maggi chips, namkeen, and chips. One of our crazy friends suggested we purchase some alcohol so we could enjoy ourselves in the evening. We all enjoyed a delicious breakfast and having ready-to-eat food in our bags will help later on during the day. We also decided that it would be a fascinating adventure for us to take a walk to Triund after having purchased two whiskey bottles.

Galu temple:

One of my acquaintances might be able to bring our group to Galu temple in a hurry so that we can begin on our trek right away. We traveled to Meclodganj towards the Galu temple around 9:15 am, via the peaceful areas in between Dharamkot. One region, Dharamkot, located between 2 and 4 km from Meclodganj is a quiet area and you are able to hear the sound sounds of the birds in the area and other sounds from the steps you make. It’s a peaceful place.

Thus, by taking our shortcuts, we reached Galu. Galu temple after about a one-hour walk. After having a rest, we took a sip of hash in Chillums that could give us an energy boost for the remainder of the morning. Then, at about 10:00 am, we completed the Triund registration close to Triund’s Galu Temple. Then, we sat for a few minutes to admire the natural beauty before starting the journey to Triund. Because Triund is located 13 km away from The Galu temple. We started our trek from here and took pleasure in the beauty of nature and navigating a few small roads, and taking photos at perilous places on the way.

One of our acquaintances recommended that we stop for a moment, sip some whiskey, and continue walking, but as you’re probably already aware, drinking whiskey can make you lose your senses and make you exhausted quickly. However, we had a good time drinking three or four glasses of whiskey and then began to walk towards our goal which turned out that it was quite a long distance from where we were. To get there in time to meet one of our buddies booked five of us at the state rest building of the department of forest in Triund which was where we would all stay, we started to walk more quickly.

Everyone felt a huge feeling of relief as we didn’t have to put up tents to stay in and also since we didn’t harm our environment with the garbage we carried. Everyone should be responsible for their garbage to ensure that we don’t cause harm to the environment.

A snow-covered layer has covered the beautiful Triund.

Day 2

After a great night’s rest, we got up early in the morning to catch the sunrise, however only two of us actually did it. We sat on an enormous stone and gazed at Moonpeak , while smoking blunts and listening to the serene music. At Triund where we watched the sunrise. It was an unforgettable experience for us and one we’ll not forget. After eating breakfast and relaxing there, we made the decision to leave the guesthouse and leave to be back at our respective residences by the midnight. After breakfast and then spending some time on the top after which we could climb down to Meclodganj and start our return journey.

It was a very enjoyable trip, and we had a great time capturing beautiful photos of the outdoors with cameras. In addition after the 2.5-hour journey, we finally arrived in Meclodganj at the end of the night.

We had dinner in one of the nearby eateries, and we returned home at eight o’clock the following evening. Even though we were all residents, it was a getaway from home which we’ll be able to cherish with fondness. At the end of this story, I’d like to give readers the advice to not harm the environment by bringing their own garbage with them.

If you spot any pieces of plastic along the way either to or out of Triund Please pick it up, carry it along, and take it to the garbage bins. There are several trash bins set up in various cafes and other places in the present. Maintain the cleanliness of nature and love it.

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