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Top Starters You Should Not Miss When in an Indian Restaurant 

When you explore the world of food, you find massive variety in every direction. specially, when you talk about Indian cuisine,  you are going to explore rich variety in all sorts of dishes. Whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian varieties; you have a whole world out there waiting for you. 

You can check out the best indian restaurant in Tbilisi and ensure that you have a fulfilling and exciting time. You are surely going to get the thrill and excitement of food that you crave for. In this post you will get to know about the different types of starters that you may not want to skip!

Achari Mushroom

Ah, if you have eaten Mushroom in different ways, that is great. But have you ever tasted a distinct type of Achari mushroom? You have no idea how such a dish may fulfil your heart in no time. You will be thrilled and excited by the extensive richness that the dish has to offer you. After all, it is about exploring the goodness of blend of different spices with Achari tang.

Dahi Kebab

The rich yet simple type of dish Dahi Kebab is a wonderful starter. You can have a juicy yet spicy experience in this item. It is a perfect blend of Indian masalas and extensive taste. Once you try out even a single plate of Dahi Kebab, you are surely going to love it. Kabab lovers will find this type of dish really fulfilling and electrifying.

Paneer Chilli

Now, this is another starter that you might not want to miss. It is a not so spicy yet tangy panner chilli. You would find a lot of chilli in this dish but you are going to kind of love it. Even if you are not a fan of too much of chilli, the chilli in this dish is going to treat your taste buds pretty well. Explore it and you will love it.

Pasandida Pakoras

Ah, the world of Indian Pakoras is pretty impressive. You can be sure that you explore the world of this pakoras once you try them out. you can find different types of ingredients,  rich varieties and absolutely great spices in these pakoras. Pakoras are not going to disappoint you in any way because you find variety with different ingredients and specialities.

Chicken Malai Tikka

This is a rich and heavy type of starter. You are going to find a great blend of chicken and malai in this dish as the name unfolds it all. moreover, the distinct types of spices in this dish are going to make your day for sure. You would love it throughout once you explore it a bit. It is kind of a rich type of dish and its juices and rawness together make you 


To sum up, there are many more types of starters in the world of Indian cuisine. Once you try out it, you are going to love it. you can check out the best food place in tbilisi and ensure that you have a fulfilling experience. These dishes are not going to disappoint you at any time.

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