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Top Brand YouTube Account Examples

Did you have at least some idea that 93% of brands say they’ve gotten a client because of their video content via online entertainment (Smart Insights)? Views on youtube video has for some time been a compelling type of advertising content. It is increasingly utilized by brands and powerhouses to connect with crowds, teach supporters about items and administrations, and offer data. Also, shoppers love video content. The more significant part of purchasers says they’ve drawn in with a brand after watching one of their recordings via web-based entertainment. mybrandplatform

However, using this solid substance-promoting methodology takes something beyond recording and sharing a video. It would help if you were deliberate with the substance you make and where you share it. That is the reason we’ve arranged this rundown of the top brand accounts on YouTube. In this article, you’ll find a rundown of YouTube brand accounts that are nailing it on the stage so you can gain from them and get heaps of endorsers and watchers of your own. On the whole…

What Is a YouTube Brand Account?

A YouTube brand account is a record explicitly for your image. Your image account is unique to your own Google account. By connecting a channel to a brand account, numerous individuals can deal with that brand account from their own Google accounts without a different username or secret word. Adequately straightforward, correct?

To make your own YouTube image account, you’ll have to have a Google profile. You most likely have one of those; however, if you don’t, you can go to Google’s record arrangement page and get one. When your Google account is set up, go to YouTube and log in with your Google username and secret word. From that point, click on the picture in the upper right of the screen and pick Creator Studio from the dropdown menu. Once more, click on your picture in the upper right corner and pick the Settings symbol (gear), then, at that point, Create a New Channel. Add a name for your YouTube image record and snap Create. timebusinesnews

If this is your most memorable YouTube brand account, look at our manual for making a fruitful YouTube channel to enhance it and wow your endorsers.

Top Brand Accounts on YouTube

On the off chance you’re taking the jump toward YouTube. It takes something beyond transferring a few recordings. Video promotion requires a robust methodology if you have any desire to stand apart from the 37 million other YouTube channels on the stage from more than 50 million dynamic substance makers who are sharing substances. This rundown of the top brand accounts on YouTube will give you a superior knowledge of how you want to make a more grounded YouTube promoting system that helps your substance slice through the commotion.


Sees: 13.62 billion

Supporters: 11.1 million

LEGO has many endorsers and billions of video show from the brand’s two youngsters and grown-up enthusiasts. The brand shares lots of unique substances intended to keep fans locked in. Notwithstanding, they don’t stop there. LEGO routinely runs crusades empowering their adherents to share their substance, utilizing client-created content as the best illustration of social verification. Fans love seeing their substance appear on their number one brands’ virtual entertainment stages, and it’s an excellent method for drawing new and existing fans nearer.


Sees: 6.64 billion

Endorsers: 7.63 million

Vat19 is an eCommerce business that spotlights “inquisitively magnificent” gifts. On the brand’s YouTube account, they highlight treats, toys, riddles, and games through various senseless plugs and genuinely wild item demos. This works for them in several different ways. In the first place, the recordings are so out there that you nearly can’t turn away. Second, many recordings feature the quality and toughness of their items without simply discussing them, which can be dry and exhausting.


Sees: 5.54 billion

Supporters: 3.38 million

IDJVideos.TV is a record mark and video creation organization with a well-known diversion channel on YouTube. It was established in 2011 and is situated in Serbia. The brand utilizes its YouTube channel to advance the specialists on their names like Emina, Relja, Teodora, MC Stojan, Nikolija, Coby, Tanja Savić, Cvija, THCF, Corona x Rimski, Connect, Vuk Mob, Marina Visković, Edita, In Vivo and that’s just the beginning.

Irate Birds

Sees: 5.41 billion

Supporters: 4.44 million

This little game sent off a realm. The principal, Angry Birds game turned out in 2009, and from that point forward, Angry Birds has been played in each area on the planet and has even been played on board the International Space Station. Like LEGO, Angry Birds utilizes a blend of unique substance and client-produced content to keep watchers locked in.


Sees: 4.11 billion

Endorsers: 6.77 million

Dong Tay Promotion is an organization that spotlights critical administrations, including developing TV programs, projects the executives, and occasion association around TV, games, unscripted tv, diversion programs, music, games, theatrical presentations, and that’s just the beginning. They utilize their image account on YouTube to share full-length shows, specials, and motion pictures. Click here


Sees: 3.47 billion

Endorsers: 3.56 million

Coca-Cola is another brand that goes to client-created content to make their YouTube channel stick out. Throughout the long term, the brand has run promoting efforts around World Kindness Day, yet their Share A Coke crusade is presumably one of the best-showcasing efforts any brand has had the fortune to concoct. Coca-Cola’s YouTube channel is loaded with positive and inspiring substance, featuring the plugs they’ve sent worldwide and utilizing piercing minutes — both simple and prearranged — to interface with their endorsers.

Oddbods – Official Channel

Sees: 4.84 billion

Supporters: 6.71 million

The Oddbods Show is a Singaporean-Irish CGI-energized parody series created by One Animation. The series follows seven characters — Bubbles, Pogo, Newt, Jeff, Slick, Fuse, and Zee — with seven unmistakable characters wearing shaggy suits in various varieties. While the characters utter sounds, there’s no discourse, making the series effectively translatable worldwide. On the brand’s YouTube account, they share full-length unique substance and, surprisingly, go live on the stage. This is another brand that incorporates client-produced content. Showing makes that watchers have made as well as toys and games.

My Little Pony Official

Sees: 3.35 billion

Endorsers: 2.82 million

My Little Pony’s accurate image account on YouTube is precisely what you envision. There are special full-length episodes, stop-movement recordings, and toy play, and that’s just the beginning. My Little Pony additionally incorporates client-produced content, for the most part in the organization of unpacking recordings.

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Sees: 3.68 billion

Endorsers: 2.58 million

Mundo Bita is a kids’ diversion project made by the performer and fashioner Chaps Melo. Starting from the formation of the undertaking, Melo has delivered many melodic singles that have procured a few gold, platinum, jewel, and twofold precious stone confirmations with a large number of singles sold. The YouTube channel incorporates enlivened music recordings and not much else.

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