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Tips to Care for Your Furnace Filter

The health of your furnace filter is crucial to determining the well-being of your HVAC system. A properly working furnace filter can ensure the clean and uninterrupted air supply in the air and keep the electricity bill under control as well. Multiple agents in a household can mess up the cleanliness of the furnace filters. It could be your pet’s fur piling up, or it may even be accumulated dust. 

Is It Necessary to Change Furnace Filters Regularly?

Furnace filters are exclusively designed to trap all these contaminants and particulate impurities that can interrupt airflow or damage the HVAC system. Over time, the filters get clogged with airborne particulate impurities, and cleaning them thoroughly or changing them becomes crucial. The working signs of your system will dictate how often to change furnace filters

If not taken proper care of, the furnace filters can harbor harmful fungi and molds or even, at times, lead to the growth of bacteria and other harmful microbes. A furnace filter is the first line of defense that the HVAC system of your house uses, and it is vital to maintain the filters in proper working conditions. 

How to Know It Is Time To Change the Filters?

Maybe you are regularly cleaning the filters, but the scheduled cleaning regime is not enough to keep the filters functioning. It is then that you should know that your filters must be changed. On the other hand, if you are a person who hardly gets any time to clean the furnace filters, it is crucially important to understand what signs to look for when you decide to change the filters.

  • The first task is to look for Maintainance recommendations in the user manual of the HVAC system. Usually, how often to change furnace filters is mentioned in the user manual.
  • You must change furnace filters frequently if you have pets at home. Their fur gets stuck in the filters and interrupts the air supply. It is harmful to the health of the HVAC system as well as the air that is supplied from it.
  • If you have smokers in your house, the filters should be changed more often. It has been observed that if one or more people smoke at home, there is considerable particulate impurity build-up in the furnace filters. The tobacco fumes precipitate and build up on the filters. So, the filters need regularly scheduled cleaning and replacement. 
  • Your house location also determines when to change the furnace filters. If it is near a rod where vehicles run and emit pollutants almost always, it is necessary to change your filters more often. Countryside homes can enjoy some benefits in this case.

Filter Changing – Important Facts 

Many people think that the sole factor determining the time for filter change is the thickness of the filters. To clear this out: Some HVAC systems have thicker air filters than others. However, a thicker air filter plate does not mean it won’t be down with an accumulation of dust and dirt. If you want to ensure the indoor air quality and durability of the HVAC system, it is vital to replace your filters often. 

An HVAC system with dirty filters will lead to high energy bills. Timely replacement of filters will save your money with lowered electricity bills and keep the members of your house away from respiratory disorders. Most importantly, it will ensure the long-term hassle-free functioning of the system. Look out for signs of malfunctioning in your HVAC system and turn up to a professional before it completely runs out of order. 

Final Words

Changing the filters on your own is usually not recommended if you do not know the process. Any fiddling or tampering can lead to long-term irreparable damages to the filter. So the best advice would be to call a pro technician who can change the filters for you. Experts know how to change filters without harming the HVAC system. You can also connect with companies that provide scheduled maintenance cleaning services for your filters. It is highly beneficial and convenient. 

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