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Three education facts you should know

Several countries around the globe commonly follow the right to education act. As per this act, an individual’s birthright is to learn to read and write irrespective of class, creed and gender. While for most of us, education is all about self-exploration and learning to deal with the regular changes. Others are vouching on the subject as a means of betterment. Also, earlier, it was limited to offline studies and real-school experiences, which has now evidently moved online in the form of Ebooks, recorded classes, assignment essay help, essay writing services and more.

Being a part of this world since the early days of civilisation, the concept of education has undergone interesting changes. As a consequence, there are a variety of facts related to the same. This article will give you a thorough overview of the essential facts in education and drive through other interesting findings.   

There are around 62 million girls who have never been to school:

Gender discrimination in the form of female foeticide, child marriage and human trafficking has put the girl child at risk. Research shows that around 62 million females aged 14-21 are out of school. They are also exposed to poverty, diseases like HIV/AIDS and premature pregnancies.

While the developed countries are helping these lost souls get back on track and receive the ultimate kind of education they deserve. There is still a long way to go for the developing countries as the concept of basic education is still not very clear among them.

Academically, girls are doing great in comparison to the boys

After facing many challenges and being part of a world full of atrocities, the girl child is still performing her best. Yet again, research shows girls are doing better academically than boys.  

More females graduate from colleges and universities, and the boys lag. However, it takes a lot for a girl to balance it out between social responsibilities and keep up with her studies, while a boy can just roam around and still not score good grades.

Developing countries need to buckle up when it comes to education:

Social stigma, economic pressure and the rise of terrorism have a lot to do with the girl child’s inability to make it to her school in developing countries. Females are considered “paraya dhan” by their parents and made to marry off at a young age. No amount of laws passed and rules made are able to bring a change in the prevailing mindset.

Now that we are well accustomed to the three essential factors of education, let’s have a look into the changes in the educational system over the past few decades:

Whiteboards got replaced by laptops and smart screens:

With globalisation at its peak, students visiting school are made to carry their laptops. And teachers are finding it easy to explain with graphs and diagrams over the traditional blackboards/white boards.

Quick share, online project submissions and easy-to-explain charts are the main attributes of an educational system. Students no longer need to carry extra notebooks or stress over improving their handwriting during summer vacations.

Online classes and hybrid structures are the new highlights:

Learners from different parts of the globe are applying to universities of their choice. With recorded videos, 24 x 7 student support team and 1:1 coaching sessions, they no longer have to be in the venue in person.

While some universities are completely in for the online structure, others are abiding by a hybrid schedule. Students are asked to choose their own and can doge between the school premises and the comfort of their home on a semester basis.

Online assignment help services are available nowadays:

A student’s life revolves around endless assignments, too many deadlines and occasional reworks. It gets hectic to be in place every time, and the result is compromised grades.

Subject matter experts are available nowadays, providing the right kind of help in detail. The written outcome is 100% authentic, delivery is on time and reworks are made free. You can also receive special discounts on bulk orders and during the holiday seasons. However, make sure to conduct an in detail research of our own before investing. For example, go through the review section of a MLA referencing that claims to help you bag accurate grades.

AI has replaced human labour:

Artificial Intelligence has replaced human labour to a great extent. For example, when referring to the modern-day educational system, AI checks papers, sorts university applications online and marks attendances.

Also, for those on an online schedule, AI is known to replace actual teachers in the form of recorded videos, automated tests (with all stringencies involved) and on-time gradings.

Skill-based learning is on trend:

Students are more into gaining the required skills and not bothered with investing their time to learn about the past or some manmade fiction stories. Numerous skill-based courses are available online, and you get to choose among them as per need.

The acquired skills will help you to make preferable career choices and earn a place in the good books of industry experts. In addition, real-time entrepreneurship courses help with adequate decision-making for those in business.

Advantages of online education

After all, is said and done, let’s have a look into the advantages of online education:

Variations in course form and types:

With the entire education system shifting towards being online, you get to make a choice among multiple course forms, customise the number of specialisations you want and deal with industry-relevant projects as part of the modules.

Flexible learning schedule:

Course modules, recorded classes, small group sessions and a 24 x 7 doubt-solving facility over chat, call, and email lead to flexible learning. In addition, you can convey your time schedule to the university, and the rest they will take care of.


As fancy as it might sound, the overall expense of online courses is quite budget-friendly. Also, EMI options are made available for learners to spend as per their needs.

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Final Thoughts

Great problems can be solved with learning, and goals can be achieved by educating people about their basic rights. The right to education is for all, and people violating the same must be punished at all times.

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