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term life insurance

term life insurance

Globe Life offers a Term Life plan for adults. Pricing is based on five-year terms; This means that your rate will increase every time you hit a new era. The price categories start between 18 and 20 years old, then increase every five years from 21 to 25, from 26 to 30, etc. until age 89, when coverage is non-renewable. Issue ages are limited to ages 18 to 80.

whole life insurance for children

Globe Life offers whole life insurance for children; Whole life is a type of permanent life insurance policy. The coverage is offered between the ages of zero to 25 and the price samples were similar to the life structure term, with rates increasing for each five-year age band. You can explore pricing details in our pricing section below.

family insurance

Globe Life offers family insurance and describes it as follows: “Family life insurance is coverage through multiple policies or life insurance policies with riders to cover dependent children.” Their website offers the option to apply quotes for family insurance, but no additional information is available.

Burial insurance and final expense insurance

Globe Life markets both burial and funeral insurance and final expense insurance, although they are both the same type of insurance. Again, the quotes are not specific to this online, you always have the same three options to quote. 

Does Globe Life Insurance offer passengers?

A life insurance pilot is an endorsement or supplement to a life insurance policy that can provide additional benefits. We did not find any information on passengers other than the mention that “coverage is also available for your spouse or other family members.”

customer service

Globe Life gives you the opportunity to apply for coverage by completing an online form or by calling a customer service phone number. Globe Life offers online policy management and a mobile app. Your coverage information is easy to review on their website and the application process is simplified with no medical exam.

To file a claim with Globe Life, the application must be mailed in and will be reviewed in a couple of weeks. They offer the option to check the status of the claim through their online portal.

Customer Satisfaction: Not Rated

Globe Life is not ranked among the top 25 life insurers in the 2019 JD Power Life Insurance Study, which rates several areas of the customer experience, including pricing, product offerings, and application and guidance.

Globe has a consistently high level of complaints compared to what is expected in the market for its premium volume. We researched Globe Life Insurance complaint trends over the past four years and they have been consistently high, with the most recent complaint trend scores at:

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