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Fixing this Channel Can’t be Displayed in Telegram 

Telegram is a free messaging app which has been accessed by a large number of users all across the world. The platform has amazing features for the users to access. You can share photos, videos, stickers, documents, links and other files on telegram with your friends and can create a group as well. 

Channel cannot be displayed error 

Are you getting the error of this channel cannot be displayed on your telegram then do not worry you are not the only person getting this error. 

In this blog we are going to help you to know how to fix telegram this message cannot be displayed error or this channel cannot be show error. So, without wasting time let us proceed ahead. 

The error message usually happens you are trying to join a channel which contains adult content, which consists of videos and images which are not safe for work. 

Fix this channel cannot be displayed on telegram 

First of all we would like to tell our readers that you cannot get rid of the telegram filter on mobile device instead you need to download the desktop version of telegram. 

You can do this by going to and then get telegram on your device. 

Once you have opened the desktop version you need to open the telegram desktop and then click on the scan the QR code option. 

You are supposed to log into your account using the scan for which you have to open telegram app on your device and then click on settings followed by devices. 

After pressing on scan QR code you can simply scan it to login into your account on the platform. 

Following this you are required to move to menu and then to settings section. 

Under settings tab you need to navigate privacy and security and once you find it you have to click on it. 

Lastly you are supposed to turn on the option of disable filtering and once you do this you will be able to access the channels which have been blocked on telegram. 

After the filter option has been disabled you will not encounter telegram this message cannot be displayed error on your account and you can access all the sensitive content on the platform. 

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