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Brite Gums- Healthy Gums

Brite Gums The article discusses ways to prevent gum disease, which is a life-threatening condition. It also discusses issues with gum disease and the steps you can take to prevent it. 1. What causes gum disease? Brite Gums What causes gum disease? The most common causes of gum disease are poor oral hygiene and the use of tobacco. Poor oral hygiene can be caused by a lack of brushing and flossing, or by neglecting to visit the dentist regularly. The use of tobacco causes an increase in plaque buildup, which in turn can cause gum disease. This buildup can be caused by the use of smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snuff. The bacteria that thrive in gum disease can also be caused by poor dental hygiene or by the use of antibiotics. The most common symptoms of gum disease are bleed...