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Specs Family Partners Ltd All You Need to Know

Specs Family Partners Ltd

Specs Family Partners Ltd is a business based in Dallas, Texas, United States and is a part of the Beer, Wine, and Liquor Stores sector. The location is in Dallas, Texas. Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd. employs one employee. (The amount of employees employed is based on a simulation.) The corporate family that the Spec’s Family Partners, Ltd. There are more than 120 stores .

Utilizing the Corporate Information Report Snapshot to examine the financial health of your suppliers, customers as well as business partners.

Beer, wine, liquor storesas well as food and drink retailers and wine are just a few an example of the industries.

Address : 5959, Royal Ln, Suite 635, Dallas, TX 75230–3883, United States of America Other locations are available through this link.

Contact : (469) 232–2200 to learn more. is the official website of the company. It is an external site. It opens in a new window.

Employees who have been modelled (at this address) 1

It is a family owned business that is based in Texas which provides outstanding customer service and affordable prices and a large variety of items in a thrilling and fun atmosphere. The Spec’s Fine Wines, Liquor, and Finer Foods was established in 1988. It is an American-based business that offers excellent guest service, competitive prices, and an extensive range of items in a lively and fun atmosphere.

The customer’s experience when purchasing is crucial for us, and we are extremely happy by providing them with the best experience possible. Also every single one of our offices has a vibrant rapid-paced, high-energy environment that provides an energizing and safe atmosphere for all our employees.

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We are seeking creative active, enthusiastic, and customer-focused employees who will surpass the call of duty in providing exceptional customer service to our clients.

Candidates with previous retail experience and a thorough familiarity with spirits, alcohol and wine are most qualified. You must be able for work Monday to Saturday, also be able to work an able work schedule in order so that you can be considered for the position.

Our Cashiers who are Service-Oriented should exceed expectations to satisfy the requirements of our clients.

An ideal member of the team has prior experience working in a fast-paced environment, also with a strong service commitment; exceptional customer service skills; exceptional cash handling capabilities and an unbeatable level of reliability and trustworthiness.

Furthermore, they’ll be able meet with clients and provide each customer with an unforgettable experience. You should be able to keep your balance intact for long durations of time.

You should be able to maintain on a schedule that is flexible from Monday through Saturday which includes mornings, afternoons weekends and evenings and holidays. The Saturday work schedule is a mandatory requirement. In the majority of situations there are full-time jobs available all week long.

The Seller/Server Certificate by the TABC is required. Candidates must be more than 21 years old.

Various Alternative Names

  • SPEC’S FAMILY PARTNERS LTD. (trading company name 1965–07–12 — )
  • SFP, Ltd. (trading name, 2007–08–03–2017–08–03)
  • Bev Shoppe (trading name, 2008–09–11–2018–09–11)
  • Beverage Shoppe (trading name, 2008–09–11–2018–10–09–11)
  • Cheap Cheep Wholesale (trading name 2008–09–11 -2018–09–11)
  • Copperfield Liquor (trading name, 2008–09–11–2018–10–11)
  • Houston Liquor & Bar Supply (trading name 2008–09–11–2018–10–11)
  • Joe Blows (trading name, 2008–09–11 to 2018–09–11)
  • Restaurant and Bar Supplies of Houston (trading name 2008–09–11–2018–10–11)
  • “Spec’s Liquors” (trading name 2008–09–11 -2018–09–11)
  • Spec’s Liquor Stores (trading name 2008–09–11–2018–09–11)
  • The Spec’s Liquor Warehouse (trading name, 2008–09–11–2018–10–11)
  • Spec’s Warehouse (trading name, 2008–09–11–2018–10–11)
  • Spec’s Warehouse of Beverages & More (trading name 2008–09–11–2018–09–11)
  • Spec’s Wine, & Finer Foods (trading name 2008–09–11 to 2018–09–11)
  • The Spec’s Wine, Finer Foods, & Cigars (trading name 2008–09–11 to 2018–09–11)
  • Spec’s Wine & Spirits (trading name, 2008–09–11 to 2018–09–11)
  • Spec’s Wine, Spirits, & Cigars (trading name 2008–09–11–2018–10–11)
  • Spec’s Wines, Spirits, & Finer Foods (trading name 2008–09–11–2018–10–11)
  • Specific’s Wine, Spirits, Finer Foods, & Cigars (trading name, 2008–09–11 to 2018–09–11)
  • The Spec’s Wine, Spirits, Finer Foods, Cigars and a Whole Lot More (trading name, 2008–09–11 to 2018–09–11)
  • The Bev Shoppe (trading name, 2008–09–11 to 2018–09–11)
  • The Beverage Shoppe (trading name, 2008–09–11–2018–10–11)
  • Warehouse of Finer Foods (trading name, 2008–09–11 to 2018–09–11)
  • Warehouse of Wines (trading name Warehouse of Wines (trading name, 2008–09–11–2018–10–11)
  • Palms Liquor (trading name, 2008–09–12–2018–09–12)
  • The Spec’s Wine Spirits & Finer foods #113 (trading name, 2013–05–30 — )
  • The Spec’s Liquors #14 (trading name, 2013–05–30 — )
  • Specific’s Liquors & Wines #115 (trading name, 2013–05–29–05 — )
  • Specific’s Liquors & Wines #116 (trading name, 2013–05–30 — )
  • Special’s Liquors #127 (trading name, 2013–05–30 — )
  • Special’s Liquors #28 (trading name, 2013–05–29–05 — )
  • Specific’s Liquors #51 (trading name, 2013–05–30 — )
  • The Spec’s Liquors #52 (trading name, 2013–05–30 — )

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Frequently asked frequently asked questions:

Which is the postal address for the corporate headquarters?

Headquarters for Specs Family Partners Limited is situated in 3126 Nasa Rd, Seabrook, Texas, United States.

What is the phone address to Specs Family Partners Ltd?

The phone address for Specs Family Partners is 281–326–5127.

What is the amount of revenue earned through Specs Family Partners Ltd?

The earnings from Specs Family Partners Limited ranges between $10 and $50 million.

How do I find Specs Family Partners Limited’s North American Industry Classification System code?

Specs Family Partners Ltd falls under NAICS number 445310.

In the case of Specs Family Partners Limited, what number of employees work for them?

Specs Family Partners Limited employs 88 employees.

What industry does Specs Family Partners Ltd operates in?

In the field of Retail You can locate Specs Family Partners Ltd.

Are there any opportunities to find out more about the Director of Documentation as well as the Corporate Trainer for Specs Family Partners Ltd?

In her position as Corporate Trainer and Documentation Director for Specs Family Partners Ltd, Mandi Fought is a specialist in her area of expertise.

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