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Smart Amenities & Features in Capital Smart City Project

Overview of Capital Smart City 

In this modern era, everyone wants to live in a smart environment. We introduced you to the first smart housing society in Pakistan which is the Capital smart city. It is ranked as the 23rd smart city in the world. This housing project attracts investors from all over the world due to its best features and services. In the real estate industry, this housing project is the most appealing one for clients. This housing society is the best opportunity for both the international and national markets. Moreover, the means of production, the legal status, and efficient business chances make it the center of attraction for investors and residents. The developers of this housing society are Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) limited and Future Development Holdings (Pvt.), who are big personalities in the real estate market. This smart city has smart amenities and features which makes it the most reliable choice for investors and residents. So, book your plot now in this amazing environment and start living your smart life!

Amenities in Capital Smart City Islamabad 

The Capital Smart City is getting hyped by each passing day to make the residents facilitate with all the smart amenities so that people can have a life that is worth living. The main idea of this housing society is to develop, promote, and improve strategic growth that enhances a future investment in residential and commercial areas. 

The smart amenities that make this housing society the perfect place to have a home are mentioned below:

Smart Economy 

This smart housing society is highly cost-effective. The working constraints of this housing society have been styled to give assurance to the residents of having a worth-living surrounding. So, this is what this project in Islamabad city promises to deliver to its investors. These constructions cover features of a wide variety that are not significant but also desirable.


This housing society in Islamabad has become the prime center of Pakistan and opened an extensive road for clients. The Capital smart city scheme is attracting potential investors from all over the globe. Furthermore, this housing project is a home that is full of job facilities and many other possibilities. 

Lush & Clean Surroundings

The surroundings of the Capital smart city provide the visitors and residents with a green and clean environment by keeping in mind the rich culture of Islamabad. The designers have also ensured that they provide the residents with peaceful and sophisticated surroundings. 

Calm Environment 

The one thing that everyone loves is to live in peaceful surroundings for a better life. It’s like living in an environment with no worries and a cozy environment. Furthermore, the developers of this housing society have made sure that the residents live in a comfortable environment. That is why they have provided the people with parks, lakes, resorts, and cozy restaurants.

Attractive Architecture

One of the best amenities of Capital Smart City is to offer the investors a sophisticated transport system, and sustainable services. The residents will have the facility for cycling, pedestrian pathways, long pathways, and different other places and pathways for movement. The developers and architects of this housing scheme have styled by keeping in mind efficiency and professionalism. Hence, the architect is of the next level and charming which attracts investors.

Carpeted Roads

Another big achievement of this housing scheme is to provide people with carpeted roads and pathways. The designers are leaving no stone unturned to give ease to its investors and residents. The carpeted road has been developed by the developers on a priority basis. 

Smart Features of Capital Smart City

The developers of this housing society offer the residents and investors the following smart features:

  • Clean & lush environment
  • Environmentally Friendly Surroundings
  • Underground Electricity 
  • Power, gas, and Water (24/7 availability)
  • Progressive security system
  • Overseas block (For Overseas Pakistanis)
  • Metro Bus Transportation System
  • Mosques
  • Park & Lakes
  • 18-hole Golf course
  • Up-to-date and Smart housing plan 
  • Designated interchange (From M-2 Motorway)
  • Adjacent to Rawalpindi & Islamabad 
  • Ways for leisure activities
  • Smart Applications for weather, traffic, electricity, as well as, Wi-Fi


It’s the first and perfect smart housing society in Islamabad in which everyone would love to have a home. On top of all, a Capital smart city has approximately every smart amenity and facility for its residents and investors. Hence, it’s the perfect option for investment. You need to invest right now and make us your partner for the best dealings!


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