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Simple Ways to Move Heavy Furniture Upstairs

There are many ways to moving heavy furniture upstairs Melbourne FL safely and easily. Some of the more popular options include moving straps or a dolly. Other options include using a powered stair climber. Before you begin moving heavy furniture up and down stairs, make sure you are familiar with the stairs and any obstacles that might be in your way.


Using a Dolly for moving heavy furniture upstairs Jacksonville FL is an easy way to move large items from one level to another. The bottom surface of the dolly should be flat to support the weight of the item. You can also use straps to hold the item in place. Also, be sure to keep one hand on the item while moving it. If the item is off balance, ask someone to help you. You can use cardboard to protect the floors from damage during the move.

A dolly is also called a hand truck or a hand cart. It makes moving large objects easier and provides extra stability for people. However, be sure you are comfortable handling the weight and movement of your load, and that you have plenty of room to maneuver it. Also, consider the number of stairs.

Dollys can be rented from moving companies or purchased from department stores. They cost around $7-10 and are very easy to use. A dolly is a perfect tool for moving heavy furniture up and down stairs without the risk of damaging the stairs. You can also use a moving blanket to protect the stairs while moving the furniture.

Moving straps

Moving straps are useful tools that save your back and shoulders when moving heavy furniture upstairs Tampa FL. They come in different shapes and sizes and can be purchased online. The straps are adjustable and strong, which makes them easy to use. You place them under the item to be moved and then attach one end to your harness and the other to your partner’s harness.

Before using moving straps, read the instructions. You’ll want to make sure that there is adequate visibility and that the straps fit your body. You’ll also want to wear sturdy shoes with good grip. Before using the straps, measure the distance between the piece you want to move and the stairs you have available. You can then lay the straps across your chest and forearms. If you have to use two people to move the item, make sure that the person lifting the piece wears a pair of work gloves and a pair of closed-toed shoes with anti-slip soles.

Moving straps are an excellent option for moving heavy furniture upstairs. They are inexpensive and can be used to move large items. A shoulder moving strap costs $40 and provides excellent stability and flexibility for moving heavy weights.

Moving straps with harnesses

Moving straps with harnesses are an excellent tool to help move heavy furniture upstairs. They are made of a detachable lifting strap and a harness that fits over the shoulders. Most have a bar in front that you can attach to the shoulder straps.

Using moving straps to move heavy furniture up the stairs is not only helpful for moving large items, but it can also help you reduce your risk of injury. They can help prevent muscle strain and allow you to free up your hands during the move. These moving straps are also inexpensive and easy to use.

Using shoulder local moving help fort Lauderdale FL is the most effective method when moving heavy furniture. They distribute the weight evenly between the shoulders, allowing you to lift heavier items and leave your hands free. Before using shoulder moving straps, you should make sure you have a clear path and good visibility. Also, you should wear proper shoes with a good grip. Using moving straps with harnesses is a safer and more convenient option than using a dolly.

Powered stair climbers

When moving furniture upstairs, it can be challenging and dangerous to carry the entire piece by hand. Fortunately, there are simple ways to make the process easier and safer. One of these simple ways is to use a powered stair climber. This stair climbing device uses wheels to move up and down stairs, and a rotating arm to move objects horizontally and vertically.

Another easy way to move heavy furniture is to hire a dolly to move the heavy items up the stairs. This type of device is much less expensive than a pair of hands. You can purchase a stair climbing dolly for less than $100, or an electric one that costs more than $2,000. These electric devices are great for carrying heavy furniture up the stairs.

Manual hand trucks are fine for small moves but can be expensive and dangerous for larger moves. They’re also insufficient for moving much office material. Stair climbing hand trucks don’t do a good job of moving large items, but they make it easier for big guys to move large items. Plus, they get to show off their muscles while they do it.

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