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Seven Best ways to Protect Your Car from Damage while traveling

Car damages are becoming way more frequent over time. Nobody likes a dent or a scratch on his car. We cannot reduce the number of car damage to zero. But by following a few tips and having accessories like a waterproof car cover, you can lessen the damage to our cars. 

Tip 1# An Outdoor Car Cover is Must

You should invest in a decent car cover to shield your car. An all-weather car cover can be the handiest accessory for car as it comprises different PPF layers. It protects your vehicle from dirt, dust, and UV rays. UV rays are very harmful to your car’s colour. 

PPF layers make the car covers waterproof. Moreover, they provide additional safety in case of hailstorms and strong winds. If parking your vehicle inside a garage, you can use a standard car cover to protect your car from damage. 

Tip 2# Install Grill Guards and Bug Shields

A good grill guard will shield your car from something other vehicles may kick out. It also gives additional protection from the rocks and high grasses. It helps prevent injury and damage during a collision with animals and other vehicles. In short, it is an excellent accessory to minimise the damage during city rides.

On the other hand, bug shields help protect your car from damage due to road debris, stones, bug collection, and other road hazards. Most importantly, these bug shields are aerodynamically efficient and increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

Tip 3# Install a Reverse parking Camera and a Car Alarm

Installing a reverse parking camera can help you parking efficiently in crowded places. It can significantly reduce the dents on your rear bumper. It is more helpful when the traffic constantly moves in your rear.

Recently, the anti-theft alarm has become an essential car accessory. It makes thieves’ lives difficult by alarming everyone in the vicinity. You can also add a second layer of security by putting a battery-powered GPS device hidden somewhere in your car. It will help trace back your vehicle even if somebody steals it.

Tip 4# Body Side Moulding Can Protect Your Car From Damage

Body side moulding is a great option to safeguard and armour your vehicle from dents and dings. The materials used in these mouldings are flexible enough. Hence they can absorb the collision force by bending. Moreover, they can elevate your car’s exterior looks due to various options available.

You can also install scratch guards near the door handles to protect your car from damage. Numerous scratches near the door handle may appear over time because of nails in hand. If the aesthetics of the exterior of your vehicle is a concern for you, go for the transparent ones.

Tip 5# Take Proper Care of the Spark Plug

Take care of the spark plug if you are not riding your car for a relatively long time. You can apply some oil to the spark plug sockets. It will help to the moisture away. Moreover, it will prevent rusting on the cylinder head. However, doing this requires mechanical knowledge about your car.

Tip 6# Service Your Car Batteries Regularly

It is essential to service the car batteries at a regular interval to protect your car from damage. Remember that the batter is the primary power source of your vehicle. Therefore it always needs special pampering. Consider smearing some grease at the terminals. It will prevent them from rusting. Remove the car batteries if you will not use the car for a significant amount of time.

Tip 7# General Guidelines to Protect Your Car

Apart from the points mentioned above, here are some general guidelines to protect your car from damage –

  • Install a front-end car bra to protect the car from collisions.
  • Clean the interior of your car regularly. Dust particles in the console can cause malfunctions.
  • A floor mat is an excellent accessory to protect the floor of your car.
  • Completely stop your car before engaging the reverse gear.
  • Consider washing the exterior and floor of the car at least once a fortnight.
  • Change the oil filters in certain intervals.
  • Jack up the vehicle to avoid flat spots on tires if not used for a long time.
  • Avoid running your car fast for the first few kilometres after the start. 
  • Look down the road while driving and avoid the potholes.
  • Clean up the stone chips inside the tire grooves.
  • Lastly, service your car from the authorised service centres only.

The Bottomline

It has become easier to protect your car from damage these days. Many accessories are present in the modern auto market, which can significantly enhance your vehicle’s life. Though you have auto accessories available for all purposes, select the one you need. 

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