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When choosing a surfacing material for your wardrobe, veneers and decorative laminates are the most preferred choices. If you feel perplexed in choosing between the two, this handy guide gives a comparative view of both to help you make a better selection.
Both materials can blend with different interior designs to uplift the overall décor. But then, you want to invest in a good surface finish so that your wardrobes can last long without requiring any maintenance. Let us now explore veneer and decorative laminates and their pros and cons to make informed decisions.
Veneers are thin layers of natural hardwood pressed onto a plywood base. These sheets are designed to transform the surfaces of furniture, wardrobes, doors, cabinets, artwork, wall panels, etc. But, for they are made with natural materials, no two sheets are identical.
Advantages of veneers sheets
Veneers resemble the natural grain of real wood and feature a unique and organic look. The beauty of these sheets lies in the variations of their natural grain patterns of wood. When installed on wardrobes, they can easily match wooden beds. These decorative sheets add a touch of warmth and elegance to your wardrobe, making it look luxurious and extravagant. As for their life span, they can last up to 15 years.
Disadvantages of veneers
Veneer sheets are not resistant to heat, so they get damaged when exposed to heat. Design choices with veneers are also limited. Unlike decorative laminates, these sheets are not waterproof, not even moisture-resistant. However, when coated with melamine polish, they can withstand water and moisture to some extent.
Another demerit is that veneer surfaces are prone to scratches but can be sanded, buffed, and polished to regain their original look. Veneer application requires skills and expertise to ensure the polish stands out and does not form air bubbles. Since these sheets comprise a thin layer of wood, the polish might come off.
What are decorative laminate sheets?
Decorative laminates are factory-manufactured synthetic products formed by bonding decorative paper with plastic resins under high pressure. The printed sheets of the laminates have a transparent plastic protective sheet coated.
Advantages of decorative laminates
Decorative laminates have many advantages over veneer laminates. And perhaps, for this reason, the former is preferable to the latter.
Laminates are a great choice not only for wardrobes but also for every corner of your home. Yes! They are versatile enough to fit on your furniture, walls, flooring, cabinets, countertops, wardrobes, and more. Since laminates are resistant to moisture and scratches, their durability never has a question mark. They can resemble natural hardwood, stones, fabrics, metals, and almost every real-world surface used for interior designs. Hundreds of designs, colours, textures, and patterns make them the choicest material for surfacing any space. Available in matte, glossy, and high-gloss finishes, decorative laminates give endless design possibilities. With laminate designs on our wardrobes, you can elevate the look of your room.
Another plus is that they are easy to clean and maintain. Laminates are affordable and easy to install as well. These features make decorative laminates preferable to other surfacing materials, let alone veneers. They require no polishing or finishing and can last between 10-12 years.
Disadvantages of laminates
Laminates comprise plastic resins, so they are not eco-friendly materials and will eventually end up in landfills. Due to their glossy surface, fingerprints are easily visible on high-gloss laminates. However, this is not the case with textured laminates with a matte finish. Once damaged, you cannot repair laminate surfaces.
Comparative overview
If there is a shortage of time, laminates are a better pick as they save time and effort. And if you want your wardrobes to give an organic look and time is no constraint, veneers are good to go. But, it will restrict your design choices.
Decorative laminates are best suited for modern interior designs. With them, you can create just about any style or theme you have imagined, thanks to the laminate catalogue that comprises countless trendy designs, patterns, colours, and textures.
If an easy-to-clean and maintain surface is what you are looking for, decorative laminates should be top of your list again. People with a moderate budget can opt for laminate-finish wardrobes. These are a few reasons to choose laminates over veneers. Now it is time to find a reputed laminate manufacturer whose laminate catalogue consists of the designs and textures of your choice. One such brand is Royale Touche.
Royale Touche laminates have no match in the market. Whether you choose textured laminates, high-gloss laminates, or any other, your purchase will be worth every penny invested.

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