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Purchase Your Custom Jewelry In Canada | Consider The Pro Tips

A custom engagement ring is likely to have an established style in mind if you are considering it. Consider setting up a Pinterest or Instagram account just for engagement rings if you’re having trouble deciding or try visiting a custom jewelry shop in Canada.

If you choose the best you have the opportunity to show off your individuality when designing a custom moissanite engagement ring, so don’t be afraid to follow your instincts.

Trust your instincts when choosing between stone sizes. For many people, the most common cause of ring regret is deciding to go with a smaller moissanite because they were afraid to get the size they wanted for various reasons. 

So here are some points that can help you get your desired yet affordable moissanite engagement ring. Let’s get started…………..

Before you begin, set a budget and determine what you absolutely need.

Moissanite is not only more beautiful than sapphires, but it also lowers the cost of your dream ring. As a result, establishing a spending limit is an important first step. It’s equally critical to figure out what essentials you absolutely must have. To create a moissanite engagement ring, ask yourself if you want to put more emphasis on the stone or the metal.

Preparing ahead of time and letting your partner and owners of custom jewelry in Canada know what’s most important to you is a great way to make the most of your time together.

Is It Possible To Make Your Own Bridal Set?

A bridal set is a great option if you know exactly what style of wedding band you want. If you want to save money, consider making a set, and your engagement ring may be requested during the design process.

Choose wisely – Shape, size, and color of the Moissanite stone

There is an incredible variety of shapes and sizes to choose from when it comes to Moissanite stones. The most popular shapes are the round, oval, cushion, princess, radiant, and emerald, but there are a variety of other shapes as well. Marquise, trillion, Asscher, baguette, shield, old European, antique, rose, and custom cuts are some of the less common cuts.

Moissanite in Canada comes in a wide variety of sizes. Custom-cut moissanite rings are also available in any desired size.

Furthermore, talking about the colors. Moissanite comes in a wide range of colors, from colorless to near-colorless, beyond the standard white and colorless options. Among the choices are moissanite in shades of gray, yellow, and teal.

And the next question is –

Do You Prefer Gold Or Platinum As A Precious Metal?

Choosing the right precious metal is critical. 14k yellow gold moissanite engagement rings are on the rise, bucking the trend of white gold engagement rings. And if you are looking for affordable moissanite engagement rings platinum and rose gold are also excellent options. 

Accentuation and Pavé

Moissanite and lab-created diamonds can both be used in pavé. A custom moissanite engagement ring means that you can choose every detail. Your engagement ring can be customized with pave bands, pave prongs, hidden accent stones, decorative baskets, galleries, personal symbols, side stones, or a halo. Don’t be afraid to include a personal touch, whether it’s something you do together as a couple or something you do individually. A wider band is recommended if you intend to engrave.

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