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Named Patient Program-Alleviare Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

The government grants access to named Patient supply to certain patients in a variety of countries before they have been approved for use. This is for patients who have tried alternative treatments and still have not seen a significant improvement in their condition. The process of obtaining a named patient supply is governed by different rules that differ by country. The rules define the criteria for eligibility and data collection. In addition, the government collects data about patients who have used named Patient supply.

Named Patient Program

The Named Patient Supply program is a mechanism by which healthcare professionals can access a medicine that is approved in another country but has not yet been licensed in their own country. This type of supply is used when a patient is unable to use an alternative therapy. Usually the patient’s medical condition dictates that they should not use an investigational drug. Fortunately, there are a number of methods for obtaining this type of medicine.

One of the primary benefits of a Named Patient Supply Program is its access to established pharmaceutical markets and sponsors. This program provides the convenience of a hassle-free service for consumers while maintaining the quality standards and regulatory requirements. It also benefits pharma sponsors by giving them scope for marketing their products beyond the commercialization phase. This enables these companies to provide their products to a global audience. Named Patient Supply Programs also help them reach their goals in a more effective and efficient manner.

Named Patient Basis

This Agreement governs the distribution of QUOIN products on a Named Patient Supply (NPS) or Compassionate Supplies (CS) basis. In addition, both parties agree that they will consult in good faith prior to a potential change in Delivery times. The Named Patient Supply (NPS) basis will be discussed prior to the first Purchase Order. During this process, QUOIN shall provide all necessary training to QUOIN distributors.

A Distributor must comply with the requirements of the quota system before it can provide a product on a CSPS or NPS basis. A Distributor must inform QUOIN before supplying a Product to a patient on a CSPS or NPS basis. However, the Distributor may be required to enter into confidential arrangements with pricing authorities if it wishes to supply the Product on a CSPS or NPS basis.


The conclusion of named patient supply allows healthcare professionals to use medicines approved for use outside the country of their marketing authorisation. This method is also less expensive than a full commercial launch. Alleviare Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., a provider of named patient supplies, has successfully delivered more than 300 access programs globally, enabling patients with an unmet need to access cancer treatments before their manufacturers receive approval. The benefits of named patient supply programs are clear: the healthcare provider can quickly and easily deliver a new treatment to a patient with no other treatment options

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