Thursday, September 21

Must Try Live-in Before Kashyap Matrimonial Wedding!

Read the points to know ‘Why’

Don’t be surprised. As controversial as it may sound, marriage after a live-in relationship is way better than marrying someone out of blue. Keep reading to know more!

Unlike before, Kashyap matrimonial alliances are not just about adjustments and compromises. Instead, you have every right to find out if the person is worth compromising for. And, if you are thinking a few catchups and dates with them will help you two know about each other, you are so wrong! It is only naive to expect that you would know 360° about your partner in those little happy moments you spend with them. Subconsciously, you guys will be only talking about some of the latest topics passing by your mind or happening around you. So, let’s unravel more about the benefits of going for a live-in relationship before your Kashyap matrimonial wedding!

Unleash Person’s True Behavior

Your partner might pretend to be someone else for a matter of a few hours or days. But it is quite impossible to live with that pretentious self in daily life. Also, can any biodata for marriage work better than living with the person and judging him/her with the naked eye? No, right? 

You have gotta know all about the person you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. Once you start living with them, you will get track of everything from their usual habit or reactions, their way of tackling things, their relations with the family, and their behavior around other people, etc. You will also learn how much they actually care about you and the little-big things that might mend or wreck your relationship. Apart from that, you will also understand if they are worthy someone to spend the rest of your life with.

Finance Management

Managing your finance is one of the most difficult parts of adulting. So, it is better to check if you and your partner are able to keep your expenses in control. Apart from that, you can also notice the following details;

  • If they are money-minded
  • If you guys can trust each other regarding monetary decisions
  • How are his/her savings and investment plans
  • Do they have any other financial burden which might affect you after your Kashyap matrimony wedding
  • How are you both managing your daily expenses

Daily Chores and Responsibilities

Your betterhalf, male or female must share equal responsibilities with you at housework. These things might seem insignificant at first but it largely matters after marriage. As per record 63% of divorces happen because of “categorized” gender roles. Most male are conditioned in a way to not consider house works as their duty. We are developed under a mentality that if a guy is washing utensils or making dinner, he is “helping” his wife. On contrary, it is as significant for a male as his wife to know the basic house chores. Your spouses should share the responsibilities equally and do not consider it ‘helping’. 

If any of you is doing your daily household chores, you are doing it for yourself guys, none of you is helping any of you. Live-in will enlighten you with more processes than just a casual date. So, if you partner is not willing to become part of this home management, he/she might not be a perfect partner for you.

Respect in Your Relationship

Marriage or companionship is much more than just two people in love. You need to bear with your partner’s good-bad, happy-sad, intelligent-foolish thoughts, etc. But the point is how much you are willing to put effort into this relationship. 

It is practically impossible to notice these small changes in date of 2-3 hours or spending time for a day or two. But you will literally notice and know everything once you start to live together before your Kahsyap matrimonial alliance. Also, you both will be coming from different background bought up different people. So, it is quite possible that there will be differences of opinion and thought process. Thus, the main idea is not to agree with everything your partner concludes, but respect it!

If you have found someone qualifying these points, you Kashyap matrimonial alliance will be a great success. But we suggest, try to live with them for atleast a month or two to know them before wedding!

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