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Latest kundan wedding jewellery -Nose Ring Designs for the 2023 Wedding Season

All future brides out there must wear kundan wedding jewellery Naths (Nose pins & rings) if they want to create the best statement in terms of design and style. The large nathani is a stunning component of a bridal ethnic jewellery set and has long been a part of Indian custom. Let’s explore different types of Nose pins & rings in kundan set for wedding :

1. Kundan Wedding Nose Ring with Intricate Design

Kundan nose rings are always so popular, especially with pearl kundan set. These nose rings fit any type of face and are frequently worn by women throughout their wedding ceremonies. A bridal nose ring design that will make people drool should be your pick if you don’t want something basic. A Nath with crystal, Kundan, and pearl embellishments can be breathtaking. 

2. Magnificent Kundan Nath with no chain

If your bridal outfit is more modern than traditional, the kundan Nath without the chain is a fantastic option. Sonam Kapoor made this accessory quite famous during her Cannes appearance. Wear it over that lovely reception gown as well because it is sleek, trendy, and simply alluring. You will go boom! Use the customary bridal nose ring for the wedding pheras, and consider doing something similar for the reception. Your cocktail or sangeet ceremony will also look beautiful with this style of nath. You can choose from a variety of beautiful designs that have been made since Sonam wore it; just go ahead and do so.

3. Kundan wedding jewellery Nath in glass stones 

When it comes to the right balance of traditional and modern beauty, nothing beats the elegance of kundan wedding jewellery. The lovely and magnificent Kundan Nath in glass stones will be vibrant, traditional, and ethnic, adding flair to your wedding attire. If you like Kundan, it is made with just a tiny Kundan stud and the chain that is attached to it. This stylish red item puts you in the spotlight and sets you out of the competition. You can certainly choose hues that complement your wedding lehenga.

4. Kundan Nath wearing multiple chains

It’s time to advance your conventional jewelry style with this regal, understated, and vivacious nose jewelry item. The big, heavy nose ring you’ve been avoiding is what’s been making waves. The dangling chain-adorned ethnic Nath will always be charming. The multi-stranded Nath has been updated and made much more daring; this season, embrace your inner diva and break the mold.

5. Nose ring with floral Kundan pearl drops

Pearl has a very refined and beautiful appearance. This is the best option for a bride who prefers a minimalistic appearance and does not want anything too garish. A silver nose ring with glass enamel accents looks stunning and ethnic at the same time. This turquoise pearl drop could be the perfect complement to your unconventional green-blue bridal lehenga. This kind of bride’s nose ring comes in a variety of designs on the market nowadays. Choose a car that fits your budget and complements your appearance. You will look stunning, we bet.

6. Maharashtrian Kundan Nath’s custom

Because of Priyanka Chopra’s appearance in Bajirao Mastani, the traditional Maharashtrian Nath has recently become popular in the fashion world. In comparison to northern nose rings, this one is a little smaller in size, and its distinguishing feature is typically a small-sized pearl. Maharashtrian brides take great pride in donning this distinctive bridal nosepiece. This Nath is occasionally seen on wedding guests wearing silk sarees. If you plan to marry a Maharashtrian, go to your jeweler and ask him to make you a special nose ring.

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Why choose Naths as an important bridal jewelry piece?

 Ayurveda claims that there are several health benefits of wearing Nath that as the pain associated with menstruation and childbirth can be reduced by obtaining a nose piercing since it is thought that the left nostril is connected to the female reproductive system. So, don’t think much try the bridal kundan jewellery set along with Naths. Get them from imitation jewellery shops like Swarajshop at the best prices.

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