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How to Make a Homemade Cigarette Case?

Making something new and special makes us happy and satisfied. Invest your time in yourself and make something for yourself. We can easily make cigarette boxes at home. To keep our cigarettes in one place, boxes are the better option. We can easily make our own cigarette boxes. Art and craft are a really fun; we can easily manufacture our own things and stuff in a much more stylish way. Homemade boxes can be used again and again, as they are not fragile as compared to the readymade ones. If you make your own box for a cigarette, you can easily decorate it in the way you like. It is up to you how much you decorate the box. We can make boxes from cardboard. Cardboard is a hard, rigid, and thick kind of paper, which is used for making boxes to store different products. Here are some simple methods through which you can make your own case for a cigarette. Following are the materials you will need for making the box:

  1. Paper
  2. Glue
  3. Scissors
  4. Cardboard

Firstly draw the outline of the box on the paper. Carefully draw the template of the box with draw lines for cutting and dotted lines for the folding of the case. This paper would act as a template. It is like a 2D view of what you are making. Now draw and cut the solid outline of the cardboard material. Do not cut the dotted lines, as they will use for folding. Now, fold all dotted lines in a way that is away from you. With folding, glue them as well.  Now add different tabs to the lower portion of the case. Carefully glue it and here your cigarette case is ready.

Another reusable and fashionable case is here. Just follow the instructions and your case would be ready.

Step 1 is to gather all the material required.

  1. Scissors
  2. Ruler
  3. Pen
  4. duct tape
  5. thin cardboard
  6. scotch tape

Step 2 is to make an outline of the image below. It would work as a template. Carefully look at this template and trace it on the cardboard.

Step 3 is cutting the cardboard. Carefully draw the solid lines and dotted lines. Keep in mind that dotted lines are for folding so do not cut it. Cut only the solid lines. Fold all the dotted lines and they would turn out. Now fold the corners of the box and use glue or tape for holding them together.

Step 4 is making the holder a lighter. Now take a small piece of cardboard and make the holder for the lighter. Attach that small piece of a holder to one side of the box. Secure this lighter box using tape. Properly align the holder of the lighter with the cigarette case and tape the bottom side of the holder so that the lighter do not fall down. It depends on you, whether you place the holder on right side of the box or left the side of the box. It is your choice.

Step 5 is to tape the whole box. Now it is the last step. Use the duct tape and apply it to all sides. Cover all the area of the box. The end product will look nicer and cooler. You can decorate it as well. The image below shows the final view of the beautiful cigarette case.

It is an awesome and great innovative idea of making this beautiful case. This case can be reusable several times. It is all about creativity. Designing something for ourselves really makes us happy.

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