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How to find the best kindergarten in Abu Dhabi?

If you want your child to do better in life, take care of things right from the beginning. Start by choosing the best kindergarten school for children where the foundation of their career gets set. These schools are their first exposure to the outside world, so it is vital to ensure the choice of school is apt. 

There are plethoras of private schools in Abu Dhabi, offering amenities your child requires in this early academic stage. The role of a parent is to explore these options to find which school is the best for their child. Though every school will claim to be the best, it would require thorough research to decide where you can enrol your child. You must check the school location, teaching methodology, reputation, and other factors. So let us dig deeper and discuss these factors in detail. 

Things to consider while choosing the best kindergarten school

  • Check the market reputation of the school, verifying if other parents also trust them with their child’s future. You can check the reviews parents left for them to ensure their market reputation. Apart from this, you can check the ratings for the school on various authority websites. These factors will build your trust and help you make the best decision. 
  • Explore the school websites and social media profiles carefully to check their vision and the teaching methodologies they follow. It is better to opt for a school using fun activities and highly-engaging teaching practices for children. This way, the child will find school fun and wouldn’t throw tantrums to avoid going to school.
  • Check the qualification and professional records of the teachers at the school of your choice. Understand that their work proficiency directly impacts your child’s career. So, check these records and ensure that the staff is well-qualified to handle young children in a kindergarten. 
  • The fee structure of a few private schools in Abu Dhabi is unreasonably high. However, if you explore a bit, you can conveniently find a school that offers the best quality education at a better price. So, check the detailed breakdown of the fee structure and ensure it is worth every penny.
  • Plan a personal visit to the school of your choice, checking the facilities they offer. Then, plan a tour of the infrastructural upgrades to ensure it is well-equipped with the latest tools and techniques. 
  • While you visit the school, ensure you stay observant and watch the behaviour of the kids enrolled. Ensure they look happy and active in school, as it will indicate that even your child would love it there. On the other hand, stressed, gloomy and pressurized children are a red flag as there is no need for a kindergarten kid to take things seriously. 

Considering these simple things, you can narrow the available list of school options. Make sure you explore enough options and dig deeper to verify which one would be apt for your child. You can also seek suggestions from fellow parents, asking them for their reasons for choosing or recommending a particular school. Finally, understand that it is a career foundation; which needs to be sturdy for the future to be promising.

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