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How to drive through the Spiti region in winter, along with five reasons to do so.

The high Himalaya is generally thought to be a summer destination. Since most pretty Himalayan regions are accessed through high mountain passes which get snowed out during the winter season, driving there is out of the question for most. But thankfully, we live in an era when you can drive through a snow blanketed region during winter to experience the beauty of this beautiful place.

If you’re looking to visit the Himalayas but have avoided driving through them in winter, here are 5 reasons why you should do just that. Spiti is one of the most beautiful and remote regions in all of India. With breathtaking landscape and amazing, snow-capped mountains, this place will make you feel like a kid again.

Driving through Spiti bike trip in winter is as good as visiting heaven on earth. if you love exploring the outdoors and are looking for a way to spend your weekend, you can’t beat Spiti Valley bike trip. It is filled with ancient temples and monasteries, snow-capped mountains, wildlife and wildlife sanctuary.

The region has been connected by road for a couple of decades now, but there are still vast stretches that lie remote and untraveled. While the roads in Spiti are narrow and prone to landslides, they are still worthy of driving during winter. Compared to those on other routes in the area, the roads from Manali to Leh or Kaza remain largely motorable during the winter.

People living in Spiti prefer taking pleasure rides during this period instead of travelling with heavy loads to Leh, which is a stretch over 6 km out of town.

The beauty of driving through this region lies in its beauty, as well as its scenic beauty! The BRO has built many fine tourist places that provide eye candy for us to gaze at while driving through this area. Spiti is a beautiful region known for its superlative snowfall but it is also home to some of the most extreme weather conditions in India.

Winter in Spiti is bad news for everyone, but driving through the unique landscape there at the end of the year can be rewarding, fun and an adventure all in one. Spiti is a region which is seen as one of the quieter more chilled out zones in India. The area usually doesn’t get much snowfall, but during the winter months it can get quite cold. So if you are looking to take your vehicle out on some long drives and enjoy the scenery then this guide will give you all the information you need.

Once it snows, because of the constant sub-zero temperature that the region experiences throughout winter, the snow stays on the ground right until summer or end April or May. As a result, there is no need to worry about snow on the road during your drive and you can enjoy it without any snow chains.

Driving through Spiti in winter is a tough challenge for those used to winding Himalayan roads, but the effort pays off. Here are five reasons Why you should drive through the Spiti region in winter this year.

1.     Frozen Waterfalls

2.     The chance to experience some real winter

3.     To get away from it all

4.     To try and spot some wildlife

5.     For pure and undiluted adventure

Driving through the Spiti region in winter is not for the faint hearted, but for those who dare to go exploring and want a real adventure, it delivers in full measure. Driving through the hills of Spiti in winter is an unforgettable experience.

The beautiful landscape, the majestic snow covered mountains, and the silence enveloping you have made many a car driver fall in love with it. It is all part of the great escapade that visiting Spiti in winter is.

Preparations you should make and things you should remember

You need to make sure your winter wear is up to the job and when at a base camp or on a trip it should be easy to pack, keep you warm and dry. So, the first thing you should prepare for winter is layers! You will certainly need layers to stay warm and protect against the cold. Make sure that you wear them correctly; so no one sees your lower body or arms, or if they do get a good look at your legs, there’s a better chance they won’t want to go there.

 It is essential to take good shoes with a great grip and preferably ones that are waterproof. You need these because you will be walking in snow most of the time. If you are going to spend the day outside, make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses.

It can be uncomfortable to spend a long time outside in the sun. The snow is white and bright, so always have your sunglasses on. If you’d rather be driven then go to Spiti valley group tour which offers an all-inclusive package from Shimla to Kibber and back over 7 days.


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