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How to apply mascara correctly (without mistakes)

It is important to know how to get long, thick and curved eyelashes . From not pumping the brush up and down properly (did you know that it is essential so that you don’t load your mascara before time?) to not removing excess product with paper tissues, as we have normally done. We will remind you how to use the famous eyelash curler, how to use the mascara brush and what movements to follow and how many layers are recommended for heart-stopping (and well-made-up) eyelashes. But first of all, what should the perfect mascara have ?

If you want me to resist crying…
Take care that your choice is a ‘waterproof’ mascara . In this case, you should always have an oil-based make-up remover for this type of mask on hand, in order to better remove the remains of the mask that with a simple water or micellar milk, they will not come out.

The tone
If you want maximum intensity, don’t hesitate: ALWAYS black. But you should also know that now the blacks are not the only ones if you want perfect eye lashes just visit Greyish, metallic and forest green tones will be good allies for a medium intensity and a more natural effect.

The brush
Because it is not the same that it is smooth, that it is curved. Thick or fine. Typically, thick, curved brushes create much stronger, almost false-lash effects. The smooth and fine brushes give a more natural look, adding a touch of color to your lashes to make them stand out naturally.

For a super curved eyelash
Without a doubt there is something that you cannot forget. And it is that the eyelash curler is one of the most important parts when it comes to achieving a hyper curved eyelash. To use, do so BEFORE applying mascara, between root and mid-shaft. Then apply an eyelash pre-serum or your favorite mascara. You will notice an abysmal difference: guaranteed.

Be very attentive to these 10 mistakes when applying mascara and write down the tips to get the most out of your mascara.

pump b

This only allows air to enter and the mask is not homogeneous and creamy, which translates into an unnatural look. Also, the product will dry out and last much less. If you need to shake it, it is better to roll it between your palms. And when removing the brush, press the sides of the container. And if that weren’t enough, it can cause clumps in the product: “When you take the brush in and out, a lot of air enters the tube that can dry out the product and cause clumps ,” explains David Deibis , makeup artist at Perricone MD.

Do not remove excess product

Wipe excess product off the brush with a tissue before applying mascara or you risk clumping on your lashes.

Use the curler after the mask

The curler should be used before the mascara, never after, because the lashes could break easily.

Use the brush with linear movements

The mascara should be applied from the roots to the tips of the lashes and in a zig zag to separate each one of them. Experts recommend that for the lower lashes, the brush should only be deposited at the root and moved from side to side, without taking it to the tips and marking the line of the eyelid.

Apply a single coat or too many

Apply at least two layers and, if you want, comb the lashes with a brush between layers. The more layers, the more depth in the look and greater sophistication, but also a less natural look. If your eyes are a bit far apart, apply more layers to the inner part of your eyes. Instead, if they’re a bit close together, focus on the outer edge tabs.

Apply mascara only on one side of the lashes

Pass the mascara both above and below the lashes, to give them more intensity, wrap them completely and curl them to the fullest.


Forget the corner of your eye

Do not forget the lashes that are at the end of the eye and always apply the mascara towards the outside, so that the look is enlarged and lengthened. It is important that we make them up starting with those that are in the outer corner of the eye until we reach the lashes of the tear duct.

stain the eyelid

When you wear a mask, do so with a hand mirror at chest height. This way you will lower your eyes a little and you will not rub your eyelashes on the eyelid. If you have already stained yourself, wait for it to dry and remove it with a cotton pad.

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