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How to apply for an NPI number

The NPI (National Provider Identifier) ​​is a number that all health care providers and health plans must apply for. The goal is to ensure the safe and effective delivery of health information through electronic means. The 10-digit number does not embed information about the individual provider or healthcare organization. The first nine digits are the identifier, while the last number is a “check digit,” which helps prevent the use of invalid non-pharmaceutical interventions, according to the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). The fastest way to apply for an NPI is online.


  • 1 Go to NPPES at www.nippes.cms.hhs.gov and click on “National Provider Identifier” (NPI). Click “request an NPI” to access the application. Select secret questions and create a user ID and password that you will remember – the password can be changed only once every 24 hours and the user ID cannot be changed at all once created.
  • 2 Organizations must complete the “Organization Profile” page. Enter the legal business name on file with the IRS, as well as the EIN that the IRS assigns you. List other names your business goes by, or names previously used. Individual providers must complete the “Select Taxonomy” page, providing the name of the classification and specialty. If applicable, enter your license number. Do not write your SSN or TIN in this section.
  • 3 Complete the “Other Identification Numbers” page with PIN numbers such as Medicare, Medicare UPIN, Medicare certification, Medicare NSC and state Medicaid number. Up to 50 additional numbers can be added, but do not enter your SSN or TIN in this area.
  • 4 Complete the “Business Mailing Address” page and include the full address, phone numbers and extensions. If you’re listing a country outside the US that doesn’t have a province, enter the country name in the province field. To get military addresses, the city must be APO or FPO. Mark the state as AE, AA, or AP, and the country should be from
  • 5 Check the tickets, ship and go to the processing page to get your tracking number. This number will be required for any correspondence regarding your application. Allow 15 business days to receive your number. If you do not receive the number within 15 business days, contact the NPI enumerator.

NPI Number Lookup

If you’re wondering how else you can find your NPI number, don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In case you are still scared, it is good to mention here that you can opt for various sites and locate your NPI number online without the least amount of hassle. However, each of these sites has its own characteristics and disadvantages when using them. Therefore, we thought it would be great to tell you about them, their features and drawbacks.


This site is a gem of a site if you want to check your NPI number quickly and get tons of information about your NPI number as well. In addition, it also provides its users with a great bookmark link to their personal referrals. It is a clear winner among all other sites used to verify NPI number.


This is another site you can use to find your NPI number, but only if you agree to click a few links before finally getting to the page. This site helps all organizations look up their respective NPI numbers, which is great!


This is another site you can use and it’s even easier. Here on this site you will find it very easy because it divides things into tabs that are easy to use.

You can also browse the data that you will find here to check if the registration is correct or not.


This is the real website that helps you get your NPI. However, this site is annoying to many users simply because there are many different links to click on before someone can get your NPI number.


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