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How Tea Coffee Vending Machine Works: Types and Applications

The market has a variety of tea and coffee vending machines. Unlike the tea maker machine for your home, each vending machine has different settings, applications, and capabilities. So, you must know how each works to determine which one to buy. These vending machines dispense hot tea and coffee in commercial and residential spaces. 

Tea coffee machines function differently. Although they are easy to use, following the manual determines how tasty the beverage is. 

Types of Tea Coffee Vending Machines and How to Use Them 

Explore different types of tea coffee vending machines before you buy one for your home, office, or business. Tea and coffee vending machines include the following:

  1. Double-option Tea Coffee Machines 

Double-option machines are the most common in the vending machine segment. They are well-loved, especially because they dispense two beverages. In addition, they are easy to use and maintain. 

How do they work?

  • Open the machine’s door using a key 
  • Take out the refill boxes or containers 
  • Refill the boxes with tea or coffee 
  • Cover the boxes and place them in the machine 
  • Fill the vending machine with as much water as it can take (check water levels first)
  • Close the door and start the machine to let the beverage heat 
  • Wait for the machine’s signal once the tea or coffee is ready 
  1. Triple Option Vending Machines 

As the name suggests, triple-option machines dispense three different beverages. However, triple-option vending machines are costlier due to their advanced features, making them rare in homes and small offices. 

How do they work?

  • Open the machine door 
  • Remove the three refill boxes 
  • Fill the boxes with different beverages 
  • Place the water jar and close the door 
  • Plugin the machine and switch it on 
  • Wait a few minutes for the beverage to be ready 

These tea-coffee machines take up more space. Moreover, you cannot dispense tea, coffee or other beverages less than a full cup. 

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  1. Quadra Option Vending Machines 

Quadra option vending machines are the second most popular after double option machines. Their price is close to that of triple-option machines. So, if you have to choose between the two, choose the quadra. However, they take up more space because they dispense four beverages. 

How do they work?

  • Remove the four boxes from the machine and refill them 
  • When you put them back, adjust them so the rotating part functions properly 
  • Place the water jar and close the machine door 
  • Plug in the machine and wait for a few minutes 
  • Check the display and press the bottom once the beverages are ready 
  1. Coin-Operated Vending Machines 

These vending machines are mostly for commercial purposes. You are more likely to find them in coffee shops, large offices, or canteens. They are similar to triple-option machines but use coins and dispense two beverages. 

How do they work?

  • Operations are similar to those of the triple-option machine 
  • Refill the two boxes and put them back in the machine
  • Fill the water slot in the machine
  • Press the start button to begin heating 
  • Once the machine is ready, insert the coin to get tea/coffee 

Coin-operated machines are better for commercial use because they are slightly expensive. Businesses customise the machine according to their need. For instance, the machine is customisable to accept different currencies. 

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Consider a machine’s functionality before buying any vending machine. These vending machines work differently and serve your needs in unique ways. In addition, the system settings and machine components determine if a double or triple option is suitable. So, pay close attention to the features before purchasing any of the machines above.   

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