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How does cell phone insurance work? Tips when choosing

How does cell phone insurance work? For most entrepreneurs, the phone is the most used instrument to carry out their tasks. Many people invest in high-end devices to make a difference when it comes to taking photos and posting content. At Calim, we like to accompany independent workers and provide them with advice and information that is useful for them to develop their activity. For this reason, we have an agreement with AG360 (SSN1496) – BBVA Seguros so that they can insure your cell phone at a special and convenient price.

Advantages of hiring cell phone insurance

Today, any entrepreneur who is starting a project, or who is already on the way, knows the advantages of being able to carry out all tasks from the same device: product photos, interaction with customers, social networks, collection and billing. about the sales. For this reason, and if we take into account the high prices of the latest technology smartphones, it is always advisable to hire an insurance company that protects this work tool. Through a very accessible fee, you can have the peace of mind of protecting your phone against theft or damage. There are many insurance options on the market. We tell you, in broad strokes, how this service works, and what you must take into account to choose the one that best suits your needs.

How does cell phone insurance work?

There are many companies that provide cell phone insurance, each with different advantages and rates. The main benefit is that in case of theft, the company will bear the costs, and you will not have to invest your money to buy a device again.

The other important advantage is that the monthly value of the cell phone insurance service is usually cheap and accessible. For this reason, it always ends up being convenient to contract it if we analyze the costs of the devices.

Tip: sometimes, companies differentiate the concept of “theft” with that of “theft”. Theft is considered when the person is violated or intimidated, and theft when there is theft of the object without exerting action on the victim. Insurers usually cover you in case of theft.

Before securing your cell phone, pay attention to this:

We recommend that you take into account:

  • Scope of insurance: most companies will cover the theft of your phone throughout the national territory, and 365 days a year. However, in order not to be surprised, it is a fact that you must confirm in the text of the policy.
  • Franchise: is the amount from which the company will bear the expenses. This means that there is a minimum amount that must be paid by you. Depending on the company, the deductible can be a fixed amount, or a percentage of the sum insured (for example, 10%).
  • Difference between coverage: depending on the value of the insurance plan you choose, the reimbursement for the theft of your cell phone will be higher or lower. It is important that when contracting the service, you correctly declare the brand and model of the equipment.

At Calim, we always want to offer you the best benefits so that you can work with the peace of mind of having your objects protected. For this reason, we have made an agreement with BBVA Seguros, so that you have a discount when it comes to insuring your cell phone!


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