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A good night’s sleep plays a significant role in giving a dose of overall health and wellness. Enough sleep every night leads to higher productivity, concentration, better calorie regulation, and a lower risk of weight gain. With a better quality of sleep, you see an improved emotional intelligence and immune system. 

Despite knowing the advantages of quality sleep, you may overlook your sleeping schedule and compromise your health. Resultantly, you keep tossing and turning at night which makes you feel worn out at the end of the day. 

If the problem of adjusting to your best sleeping position, your mattress may be the underlying reason for your interrupted sleep the whole night. Using a poor mattress regularly may contribute to your inability to doze off easily. Do you observe pain in your joints and muscles? Your body may be in need of an orthopedic mattress online.

To drive the point home, here is how the quality of your mattress affects your sleep quality. 

  1. Attracts Pathogens Triggering Allergies 

Due to using a poor-quality mattress over time, your mattress houses a lot of dust and mites that cause allergies to your skin. You may think the AC and improper lighting are the prime cause of your sleep problems. However, your age-old mattress becomes a breeding ground for the mites. The more you use your old and saggy mattress, the more it attracts dirt, disturbing your sleep at night.

During your sleeping hours, your body sheds off some dry skin that attracts the crawlies in your mattress. Along with the presence of the tiny intruders on your skin, their decayed bodies trigger allergic reactions that may leave you with sneezing, runny nose, fever, and difficulty in breathing. 

If you want to get rid of these issues, maintain the hygiene of your mattress and improve the quality of your sleep. If you are an allergy or asthma sufferer or have respiratory issues, your hygiene mattress promotes better sleep at night. 

  1. Morning Backaches due to Uneven Support

When your mattress fails to provide even support, it results in backaches and stiffness in the body. It is important what amount of support your mattress offers. A mattress that doesn’t offer adequate spinal comfort, it compromises your sleep quality. It deteriorates your body posture and poses certain health risks, such as ligament or muscle strain over a period of time. 

Do you often wake up with throbbing back pain? It can be a tell-tale sign of your mattress failing to offer the support that meets your body’s requirements. If you are thinking of investing in a mattress, picking the right mattress can be a wise choice for you. A right-quality mattress is effective in supporting your head, back, and spine. 

When you rest on the advanced mattress, you doze off easily while getting even support on your body. Moreover, it eliminates your entire body, relieving your neck and body aches. 

  1. Stress and Anxiety

Losing sleep at night not only affects your physical health but also leaves a significant impact on your mental health. This makes it challenging for you to concentrate on your everyday tasks. A poor-quality mattress doesn’t support you enough to enjoy a good night’s slumber and increases the level of stress and anxiety.   

Waking up regularly at night impedes your cognitive functioning, making drastic changes in your behavior and personality. If you want to sleep peacefully, assess the quality of your mattress. If it doesn’t cater to your individual sleeping needs, switch to a high-quality mattress that improves your health with a peaceful sleep at night. You can pick an orthopedic mattress online as the best option. 

Consider Buying a New Mattress 

Assessing the condition of your mattress is really important when it comes to your quality sleep. For a smart choice, you can consider buying a SmartGRID mattress. Made for you to doze off easily, here are its features: 

  • SmartGRID mattresses are made of TPE material and GRID technology, backed by a scientific approach. Being India’s first and only SmartGRID mattress, it provides you even comfort while reducing pressure on your head, shoulders, and pelvis. 
  • The grid structure in the mattress promotes proper airflow across it, giving you an all-night airy comfort for sweat free sleeping nights. 
  • SmartGRID mattresses offer firm support to your head and spinal length, maintaining a healthy posture and health. 

Summing Up

Most people are suffering from wakefulness or interrupted sleep at night. This ruins your lifestyle to keep up with the work and everyday essential needs. Understanding your sleeping issues, The Sleep Company has innovated a smart solution – SmartGRID mattress. The perfect combination of the GRID structure and the TPE material makes it India’s most comfortable orthopedic mattress online

If you are looking for every night’s cozy and pain-relieving comfort, the SmartGRID mattress is the right choice for you. 

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