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Hira – types and astrological connection

The diamond which is also called hira is one of the most valuable gemstones. It is on the top of the list of desired stone of women. It generates with the use of carbon allotrope and other minerals as same as that are used in the generation of coal and graphite. Not only as jewellery but it has many benefits from the point of view of astrology. Among other natural materials, it one of the most pure conductor of electricity and heat. Putting scratches on a diamond is not easy. It is the hardest mineral. Due to its hardness, it is also used in various industrial equipment and knives to cut other hard minerals. Also, it can be used in various forms of jewelleries such as ring, necklace, bracelet, etc. it is fixed in gold or silver or even platinum. As per the stats made by experts only 20% of diamonds that are mined are used in jewelleries. To find diamonds it is required to reach the mantle of the earth but incidences like volcanic eruption and igneous rock deposit, they came near to surface of the earth. In the ancient time, it was also called a healing stone due to its potential healing properties. To know the hira price, you can look over the web or consult the jewellers near you. 

-Many of you would have only seen colorless diamonds but in actual diamonds are available in various colors such as white, pink, blue, and other colors. It may be due to their impurities. 

  • White/colorless diamond: It is one of the most common type of diamond and almost everyone of you would have seen it. it’s value is very high and it is the purest form of diamond. You can find it in almost every country where diamonds are produced. 
  • Champagne diamond: Another type of diamond is champagne diamond. It is brown in color and it gives yellow tint. Due to this property, its color becomes champagne. It has the presence of diamond which is an impurity and makes its color champagne. 
  • Pink champagne diamond: Another type of diamond on our list is pink champagne diamond. Pink is its secondary color and cost wise, its cost is more than the panorama champagne diamond. 
  • Blue diamonds: Next type of diamond in the list is blue diamond. Many of you would have seen it but it is also one of the rarest type of diamonds due to which it also becomes 

Apart from the types of the diamonds mentioned above, more diamonds that are in list is orange diamonds, green diamonds, synthetic diamond, etc. you can search with hira stone price for different types of diamonds and to know their prices. 

Astrological connection: The diamond or hire gemstone is ruled by the venus planet. And this planet dominates different qualities and sources of amusement for human such as related to love, appeal, luxury, etc. On the other hand, weak venus can also pose many problems. If you are having a weak venus then as per astrological solution, you should wear a hira gemstone. 

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