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Games that you can play on your girlfriend’s birthday

You also feel this way, that the occasion is a day, which can fill or give a lot of happiness and happy moments to any person in his or her life. The same thing you also want to happen in the life of your girlfriend. Because the birthday of your girlfriend is coming, and you want your girlfriend to get a lot of happiness on that day. But you don’t know what you do on her birthday, that makes her birthday a super exciting and funny occasion for her.

So what you can do about it, is that you can make the birthday of your girlfriend a special one for her. You can play the games on your girlfriend’s birthday also. Because you also know or feel this thing, that when people don’t have anything to do, then the people start feeling bored. So you can organize some games for your girlfriend’s birthday, that not only you but all other people can play and enjoy. If you do this thing, then the birthday of your girlfriend is going to be as you want for her.

Dumb charade – Games

If your girlfriend is a person that loves to watch movies, she can watch one movie more than one time also. This game is going to be a very good game to play on her birthday. Because this thing is not only going to make your girlfriend happy, but it gives entertainment to other people also, which comes on the birthday of your girlfriend. The movie name which she is guessing can be that also, which you have watched with her on her previous birthday, and the movie is a part of her birthday gift delivery online also.

Everybody loves to have entertainment in their life, and the best source of entertainment in anybody’s life is movies, series, and shows. So what you can do on the birthday of your girlfriend. You can plan a game on her birthday in which people have to guess the name of the movie. You just need to divide the people into teams, and one member acts and the other members of the team need to guess the movie name. So this guesses the movie name game you can play on your girlfriend’s birthday.

Wooden spoon

You can play this wooden spoon game also, this is going to be a mind and knowledge testing game. Because you need to find the odd word, which doesn’t match with another word, which is written on the page or board. So you can plan this game for your girlfriend also and can test her knowledge with this wooden spoon game.

Guess the music – Games

Everyone knows this thing, that music is something which everybody loves to hear. Music is a thing, which is a very important part of anybody’s life, and everyone listens to music when they are stressed. If your girlfriend wins the game, then you can give the birthday flowers online to her also. So on the birthday of your girlfriend, you can play this guess the music, which is very similar to the movie game. But the only difference is that the music is played by the music system, and one person is hearing the music through the headphone. The person who is hearing the music needs to act, and try to tell the name of the song to their other teammates. So this is going to be a very exciting and funny game for your girlfriend.

Musical chair

This game is something very famous and this doesn’t need any type of introduction from anybody. So you can play the music chair on your girlfriend’s birthday. You just need to have a few chairs, and a music system, which plays the song for the game.  This game will not only be fun, but it is going to be a competitive game also, which people love to play. So you can organize this game for your girlfriend’s birthday also.

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You are now relaxed because you have a lot of stress about which games you should plan for your girlfriend’s birthday. Because you are having this tension in your mind, that most games are ones which only kids can play on their birthdays. But you get the list of those games from here, which adults can play also on your girlfriend’s birthday. So now what you need to do for the birthday of your girlfriend, you just need to plan and organize these games at the birthday party of your girlfriend. So plan these games and make her birthday exciting and funny as well.

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