Thursday, September 21


Anyone else finding solace and distraction in a flurry of home improvement tasks this month? These days, I’ve been spending a lot of time at Home Depot and Lowe’s, so I know I’m not alone in my interest in all things domestic.


A fly on the wall may think I’m crazy if they could see how frequently I go through our house daydreaming about smallwoods almond frame how to improve the layout of the bathrooms, corridors, and bedrooms.


I had no idea that clearing up the space beneath my sink would make me so happy. The bar for “lame” has been raised, people.


On the third workday of quarantine, I finally got around to making a framed collage of the girls’ newborn photographs, an item that had been on my “to do” list for a whole month. I knew I wanted a wall of baby images, but I had no clue how to get them up there or even where to put them.


In summary, I saw an ad for smallwoods almond frame on social media and was able to choose a template, submit photos, and complete the transaction in less than half an hour. After waiting for six days, these six gorgeous frames finally showed up on my doorstep, and I may have driven my family completely crazy with my ecstatic squeals of happiness upon opening them.

I’ve been raving about Smallwood’s to everyone I know, so it’s only fair that I give it a round of applause right here, too.


These six 13″ x 13″ images are framed and ready to hang for a total of $82*, including tax and delivery. The prints seem like they were made on canvas, and the quality is incredible. The shipment was really well done, and the eyeglasses are both lightweight and stunning.


For a first-time user like myself, making them was not only a breeze, but also a lot of fun. The Instagram posts that are shown as Minis on the main page were all made by myself.

Since I already had some of the high-resolution photographs on my computer, I also used the option to upload files and choose from them.

The quality is superb in the same way. That shouldn’t stop you. During the production phase, you will be informed whether the quality and resolution are inadequate. Don’t fret!


I paid that amount because of a special offer that smallwoods almond frame was running at the time; the current pricing may be different.


Anyway, I thought I’d let you in on this simple and cheap framing trick! Smallwood’s Home absolutely has my business again after exceeding my lofty expectations with my most recent order.

Have a look around their website and discover how simple it is to make your own unique frame. They provide a wide range of sizes at surprisingly low pricing. (Right now, a framed 25 by 17 inch artwork costs only $49! Wow! Put those Mother’s Day gifts away!)


Have you been keeping digital pictures of your loved ones on your computer or mobile device?

I did! But with smallwoods almond frame, I was relieved to be able to get some of it off my phone and onto my walls.


Every year in the autumn, we take family photographs that are also used for our holiday card.

My husband hates it, but as a Christmas present to me, he has agreed to show up wearing the outfit I’ve chosen for him with only mild complaints. DEAL! It’s one of the few family photos in which I really appear. I’m the one who takes most of the family photos, and I enjoy looking back at how much we’ve grown.


There are several great reasons to use smallwoods almond frame, one of which is the ease with which your images may be uploaded to the website. Before adding to cart, you can see how your picture will appear in a variety of sizes and frame colors thanks to a handy preview feature.


Their costs are really low. Photos, particularly those printed in big quantities, may add up fast in cost. I’ve found some of the best deals at Smallwood’s frequent discounts on Smallwoods coupon.


Their pictures are very high quality. I was skeptical at first since the prices were so low, but when I saw the finished products, Due to the smallwoods almond frame small weight, hanging them is a breeze. The pictures are all securely hung by myself with just one nail. I love how simple it is to hang them up!


The fact that they are a family-run company in my home region of East Texas just serves to increase my admiration for them.

Also visit: Mysavinghub


They also sell some beautiful signage that would look great everywhere in your house. This one with Bob Dylan lyrics caught my attention since it made me think of Parenthood, one of my all-time favorite programmer (the song was used prominently in the show’s opening credits). In addition to my hidden desire to join the braver man family, these songs perfectly express how I feel about my two adorable sons.

In addition, their posters are lightweight and simple to mount. There are many that I like putting up every year for Christmas.

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