Friday, September 30

Finding the perfect wedding dress

One of the most desirable categories of women’s clothing in Pakistan is wedding dresses. Pakistan has gained international recognition as a leading manufacturer of high-end bridal apparel, luxury pret, and luxury unstitched Pakistani suits. Our “Shaadi-obsessed” people need new attire for every ceremony and event of a wedding, including the mehndi, dholki, barat, nikah, bridal showers, walima, and never ending meals that follow. Pakistani women are known for their desire to look their best at all times. Thus, wedding season is a particularly important time for them.

The longest season in Pakistan… the wedding season. Only thing that gets Pakistanis more or equally excited than food is a wedding.  It must happen quite often that you are sitting in a group and at least one of you would say; please someone get married… I want to dress up. And it’s just one example of how much Pakistanis, especially Pakistani women wait for weddings to dress up in their beautiful attires. 

But before all that is the phase that is super tiring, still, the favorite of all the ladies; shopping for clothes. What style should they go for? What color should they wear?  What brand should they go for? All these choices lead to that one perfect outfit.

Recently, I had a wedding in my family after a long time. I visited Laam’s website because there is never enough time to visit shops of all brands to select the right dress. There were so many options, each dress beautiful in a different way, each designer had its own unique style. 

One dress that caught my eye was Kanwal Malik’s Gulkaari. Gulkari is a vibrant shade of mustard that contains an embellishment that is entirely hand crafted, and it is printed on a raw silk canvas. Its beauty speaks for itself. The short shirt is richly decorated with gold sequins, crystals, and gotta work, and it also has traces of patchwork made of purple velvet. The sharara pants, which are adorned all over with patterns that resemble jewels, are the perfect complement to this outfit. The look of the statement piece outfit is finished off with a similar organza foundation dupatta that features an embellished velvet border all the way around; this is an outfit that is truly appropriate for mehndi and mayon celebrations.

The trend is always changing. For example for now it’s the long and elegant dresses specially for Walima and barat functions. And within each trend you would find lots of options. Filtering through all the trendy dresses you would find the perfect fit for you.

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