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Features of the use and installation of skylights

Today, an administrative, public, or industrial building must meet modern requirements not only for its exterior but also for its functionality and practicality. Today, the quality of the microclimate in the working room is subject to certain regulatory requirements. Namely:

  • The workspace must be well-lit.
  • It is necessary to maintain a comfortable level of humidity in the room.
  • The normal air temperature for the work process should be established.
  • Ventilate the work area regularly.

The productivity of workers depends on meeting these standards. Basically, these problems are solved by installing a variety of translucent structures.

Skylights in industrial buildings

Nowadays, it is quite common to find modern buildings with light domes of complex geometric shapes. These translucent superstructures are called “skylights”. The sophisticated design developed by designers quickly became widespread due to its practicality and functionality.

Very often, during the construction or reconstruction of industrial buildings, skylights are installed on the roof. Such an installation provides the building with additional natural light if it is impossible to install classic windows in the wall openings or use any other sources of sunlight. Also, skylights installed on the roof solve the problem of lighting premises with a large area. The light activity of such structures is at least twice as high as that of vertical windows in the same area.

Functions of ceiling lights

In industrial buildings, as well as administrative and public buildings, the installation of skylights helps ensure the quality of many important systems. They perform the following functions:

Light domes located at the top of the building let in soft and comfortable sunlight, spreading it throughout the entire area of ​​the interior space. Even small skylights provide great streams of natural light by refracting the sun’s rays. The use of such structures allows to significantly save money on artificial electric lighting.

Most of the skylight domes are located on the roof of the building and are equipped with opening mechanisms. Thanks to this design, superheated air in large rooms is naturally eroded. That is, efficient systematic air ventilation is carried out without the use of forced ventilation and electric drives.

The transparent roof is almost always part of the overall fire protection system. To eliminate excess heat and smoke in the event of an internal fire, the skylights of industrial buildings are equipped with mechanisms that open when the automatic control system is activated. In most cases, skylights provide access to the roof in case of fire or technical roofing work.

Square or rectangular Roof lantern lights are installed to illuminate a specific area within the room. They are made, as a rule, from a honeycomb and are relatively small in size.

Calculation of the anti-aircraft lantern.

An anti-aircraft canopy of any configuration consists of two systems:

  • The support structure, that is, the metal support structure.
  • The profile enclosure system is generally made of aluminum.
  • When calculating an anti-aircraft flashlight, experts consider several factors:

What snow loads, wind forces, and other natural influences must be resisted;

  • Static calculation;
  • The maximum allowable weight of the flashlight;

Properly selected structural elements and professional skylight installation will ensure a long life of a robust and reliable system.

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