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Everything a Student Must Carry to Canada

Students that want to travel to Canada to study must hold a study permit or visa. Similarly, professionals must apply for a work permit/Canadian employment visa. 

This article provides the details of the critical documents required to enter Canada and the canada student visa processing time.

Documents required to enter Canada:

  •      A negative Covid-19 molecular test report: With the outbreak of the virus and the restrictions thus imposed, it has become mandatory for every traveller to produce a negative covid test report. Candidates must also produce their vaccination status. 
  •      ArriveCAN receipt: Itis a compilation of travel and contact information submitted within 72 hours before arrival by everyone travelling to the country.
  •      Letter of Introduction: It is a document that records the permission to study in Canada and has the permit reference number given by the visa office at the time of issue of the study permit.
  • Official validstudy permit from the Government of Canada is mandatory to be carried, without which entry into the country may be denied.
  • Other documents as instructed by the local visa office

Canadian Student Visa Application Details:

  • An online application or a paper application are the two options for applying for the Canadian study permit/ visa. However, it is advisable to apply online, reducing the processing time and making the task much more accessible.
  • The Canada student visa online application can be made through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website by answering a handful of questions about yourself, determining your eligibility for the visa and providing information on the required documents.
  • An electronic copy of the required documents must be scanned and uploaded, and the payment through a debit/credit card must be made when applying online.

Documents Required for The Visa Application:

  • A passport document is a valid proof of identity, which means it is a legal, unexpired passport accepted by the Canadian Government department, “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada”. 
  • An original letter of acceptance is obtained from a designated Canadian Institute. This is the most crucial document that is required in the application for the visa. Hence it must be obtained well in advance.
  • Proof of financial support must be submitted, proving sufficient funds are available to pay off the student’s living expenses and tuition fees. An amount of 10000 CAD is deemed to be required per student for a year.
  • A medical examination report- Students immigrating into Canada must undergo an Immigration Medical Examination as directed by the local visa office and submit that medical report.
  • A letter of explanation contains the details of the student’s academic goals and why they want to study in Canada.
  • A minor studying in Canada must provide a Custodian Declaration Form containing the required details.
  • Other documents as specified by the visa office or the website on which the application is being made.

This post summarises the essential documentation required to enter Canada as a student. The canada work visa application document list differs from this one.

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