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Essential Tips for Moving a Piano Safely

When moving a piano, there are several essential tips to keep in mind. For instance, you need to prepare the piano for transportation, use furniture blankets, and take measurements. Then, you should piano movers near me Brooklyn NY as carefully and slowly as possible, and you should take care not to injure yourself or anyone else. Following these tips will ensure your piano arrives in perfect condition and without damaging your home. Read on to learn more about piano moving.

Dos and don’ts of moving a piano

Among the many important things, you must do when moving a piano are to properly measure the space and the paths that you will use. You should account for hallways, doorways, and stairs before relocating the piano. Use piano moving hacks to help you move the piano safely. The following are some tips to keep in mind when moving a piano:

o Move the piano upright: An upright piano is relatively easy to move. To move it safely, you must first wrap the lid of the instrument in plastic wrap or cloth. Make sure you use enough plastic wrap or cloth to cover the entire instrument. Once the piano is wrapped, use tape to secure it. Avoid placing it on its side because the weight of the instrument can shift and cause a leg to break. Also, avoid shifting the balance of the weight of the piano while moving.


To safely move a piano, there are many things you need to do before you move it. You must measure the doorways, hallways, and staircases you will need to pass the piano through. Also, take note of any loose parts or existing damage. If you can, avoid moving the piano to the floor of the room where it will be located. You should also determine the orientation of the piano and any stairs to be used to move it.

Make sure you have enough help to move the piano. Depending on the complexity of the move, you will need four to six people. Each person should be in good shape and have previous experience moving heavy objects. Make sure they wear proper moving clothing and shoes. You should also make sure they have a strong back and are wearing sturdy shoes. Once you have a team together, begin planning the move. Don’t forget to ask your friends for help!

Furniture blankets

Besides packing tape and moving blankets, a piano dolly is also important. A piano dolly has heavy wheels to facilitate the moving process. An upright piano, for example, weighs 300 to 500 pounds. Grand pianos can weigh as much as 1,200 pounds. In addition to a piano dolly, you must also have piano moving tape, which is essential for the safety of your instrument.

A piano is delicate, so you should lock the lid before relocating it. The keys are especially sensitive, so you should lock them when moving them. To prevent scratches and damage to the piano’s surface, you should use padding and furniture blankets. Make sure you use thick blankets and wrap the piano with tape. If possible, cover the piano’s corners and sides with padding. Furniture straps also provide better grip.


Before you begin the move, you’ll want to take measurements of the areas you’ll be moving the piano to. This includes doorways, hallways, and staircases. Make sure there’s plenty of room, and determine if you’ll have to dismantle the piano. If so, you can protect the floors and make sure that children and pets are not present during the move. Moreover, you’ll want to figure out whether the piano can fit through the doorway.

Then, consider the distance you need to cover to move the piano. If you’re moving it upstairs, you’ll need more room, and you’ll have to move the piano carefully. Otherwise, it could fall mid-move and pinch your fingers. If you’re moving a piano long distance, you’ll need to disassemble it beforehand. A grand piano might even require removing its lid.

Avoiding injuries

It is vital to hire piano movers near me Albany GA if you’re planning to move a piano yourself. Pianos are heavy and awkward to move, so you will want to enlist the help of a professional. However, there are certain precautions you can take to avoid injuries, including damage to your home and your back. Here are some tips to ensure your piano move goes without a hitch. Having a plan ahead of time will help you avoid injuries when moving a piano.

Before moving your piano, make sure to plan the entire move. Plan carefully and measure all doorways and walls to make sure the piano is in the correct place. Also, make sure you don’t damage walls, doors, or stairs by lifting the piano too high. If you do end up dropping the piano, you may suffer from serious injuries. In addition, be sure to wear protective clothing to protect your back.

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