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Essential Tips for Moving a Piano Safely

If you’re relocating your piano, there are some essential tips you need to keep in mind. Here, you’ll learn how to prepare, gather supplies, and measure your home before moving your piano. Also, learn why furniture blankets are important to protect your piano from damage. And don’t forget about a piano’s weight! Luckily, if you do all of this, your piano will arrive in the new home safe and sound!


Planning a piano movers Parkville MO requires thorough planning. The first step is to measure the space where you plan to place the piano. Make sure that the room has enough room for the piano and you’ll also need to measure the width of any doorways or staircases. Also, make sure to inspect the flooring and take doors off hinges before relocating the piano. Once you’ve completed this step, you can begin the actual move.

The piano’s legs are one of the most delicate parts of the piano, and any changes in movement can detune it. To minimize this problem, you’ll want to move the piano early in the morning or late in the evening. Moving a piano during the day will reduce the amount of humidity inside the moving truck, and it’ll also be less likely to sustain water damage. If you’re moving the piano from one room to another, make sure to have movers come to the new location early or late in the day.


Moving a piano requires plenty of preparation and supplies. The right tools will help you move the piano safely, including moving blankets and skid boards. If you are moving the piano yourself, make sure you rent a truck and leave enough room to fit the piano. It is important to protect the piano keys during the move with padding and straps. Moving a piano is a big job that requires several people. Here are some helpful tips.

Before you move the piano, you will need to prepare the room where you plan to move it. Prepare a path by wrapping towels or blankets around the room. You should also place packing tape around the doorways. You will need these materials when moving the piano. A piano can be very heavy and you don’t want to damage them. Using packing tape will help protect the piano from damage and keep it safe during the move.


Planning for a move involves knowing the exact measurements of your piano and the area it will be moved to. You also need to consider the size of your current home and the space it will occupy in its new location. For this, you should measure the width and length of each doorway, as well as the width and length of the staircase. Taking all of these measurements will ensure that you move your piano safely. When piano movers Lenexa KS, you also need to be sure to take the doors off hinges.

Depending on the type of piano you have, you may need to ship it separately. Some moving companies specialize in piano shipping. This type of service can cost several hundred dollars, and it can be a stressful experience. However, by taking extra precautions, you can make sure that your piano arrives in perfect condition. If possible, you can even hire someone to move your piano for you. If you hire a professional piano moving service, they will assess the size of the space and give you the measurements you need.

Furniture blankets

A quality moving blanket is essential when transporting a piano. These blankets can protect the piano from damage and are ideal for large, heavy pieces. Most moving blankets are made of polyester or cotton and consist of many layers of fabric and filler material. Cotton blankets are softer and are better for fragile items, while polyester blankets are more durable and less absorbent. A poly-cotton blend offers the best balance between absorbency and durability. Furniture blankets also come in two-tone colors, with the lighter side on the inside and the darker side on the outside.

Before moving a piano, you will need to wrap the board and legs in moving blankets. If possible, you can also secure them with straps. If you’re relocating the piano alone, use more than one person to move it. Once you’ve finished the move, unwrap the piano and reassemble the board. The piano will be protected from damage during transport. You’ll need to have the right equipment to move it.

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