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Employee Performance and their Appraisal system

Employee Performance and Management

Employee performance and its management is not as easy and simple as it sounds. Though business tycoons, leaders, company heads, founders, etc. all believe and trust the process of employee performance and management for the growth of organizations. Employee performance and its management requires continuous and consistent training, follow up, review and appraisal. The most complex part about employee performance management is it evolves every year, which means the trend organization have been following last year might not work well this or the coming year. This might also lead to deterring in employee performance which will take the overall performance of an organization in downfall. 

So employee performance management is not just an annual review process but a continuous and consistent process of improving and analyzing the performance to achieve the company’s common goals. This can be done by setting individual and team objectives. 

An organization’s common goals and values have proper stages of employee performance management cycle which consists of planning, action, tracking and reviewing. 

Importance of employee performance and ways to Improve employee performance

In this session let’s explore the importance of employee performance with respect to productivity, and how it can help employ­ee reten­tion and recruit­ment so that organizations can attain their common goals. 

  • Heighten employee reward
  • Stimulate employee recognition
  • Triggers employee engagement and productivity
  • Successful Employees Achieve Goals
  • Create a Positive Work Environment
  • Establish Team Trends

Ways to improve Employee Performance

To maximize team performance with efficiency that is needed for accomplishing organization’s goals and values, employee performance is essential. The success of an organization rest upon its employee performance and their productivity. Engagement of employees in the workplace can heighten the overall performance and productivity of the organization. 

Here are some ways to improve employee performance in an organization

  • Evaluate and analyze the performance data analytics
  • Communication in workplace should be purposeful
  • Employees should aim to achieve their individual and team objectives to attain company’s common goals
  • Manage your expectations
  • Accountability should be prioritize when everyone is focusing on achieving goals
  • Appreciate and encourage employee and team feedback
  • Offer bonus according to their performance and productivity in the organization
  • Look after your employees and train them to achieve their objectives
  • Flexibility can employees work according to their best time
  • Internal promotions will encourage employees and motivate them to work hard and smart
  • Build an environment with performance and productivity rich culture 
  • Create opportunities for collaboration which will scale up learnings among employees
  • Congratulate and celebrate individual employee achievements
  • Find tech platforms to lessen burden on employees

Basic components of Effective Performance Management 

Organizations should not just implement performance management in their system for the sake of implementing, it should be effective performance management so as to achieve goals. There are few basic and important elements that will promote effective performance management in organizations and scale up their growth and productivity. 

  • Goals setting is the first and foremost step towards achieving business growth. The goals set for the organization for employees to aim for should be simple and easy to understand, no matter how complex the process is
  • Transparency in communication and collaboration is a must in an organization. Team leaders and employees should be open with each other to avoid complications while performing tasks. For this, communications between them should be honest, and regular feedback should be appreciated both ways.
  • Employee recognition has a powerful impact on employees. The feeling of being appreciated because of their hard work to achieve goals can improve and enhance employee retention. Organizations can hold onto the best talents and attract more with just caring and appreciating employees’ work even though they might have not achieved their goals but will get motivated if recognized in the organization.
  • Honest and continuous feedback will help employees know their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can work on their weaknesses and enhance their strengths. 
  • Organizations should emphasize and promote their employee development. If you want your employees to stay and work efficiently, give them the reason to. Train them with good professional skills that will benefit both the organization and the employees in the long run. 

Team performance management

Team performance management is inter related to employee performance. Instead of just focusing on employee performance, emphasize on team performance, because at the end of the day “Success is best when shared”. This will allow organizations to work together in sync with each other in proper alignment of work goals. 

Benefits of team performance management and collaboration

  • Effective team formation and growth
  • Highest stimulation of productivity from individuals in a team
  • Promotes learning from each other in a team
  • Employee satisfaction can be seen in the organization
  • Scale in performance and productivity in employees

How to improve team performance management?

Here are some useful tips for you to improve team performance management in organization.

  • Keep communication transparent and direct
  • Clear vision towards objectives and goals
  • Promote team collaboration
  • Assign tasks with care
  • Constructive feedback will lead to improvement in employee performance
  • Trust in employee recognition

Employee performance appraisal system

An employee performance appraisal allows easier, more productive and faster. It offers to manage the process of employee performance to analyze the performance of a team in an organization. It believes in qualitative, quantitative and constructive feedback. This will help feedback to turn into actionable insights for the organization. These insights provided by appraisal systems will allow organizations to enhance the performance of the team and improve output by setting and effective goals.

Here are some of the top employee performance appraisal systems.

  1. Trakstar
  2. Reviewsnap
  3. Synergita
  4. Perform yard
  5. BambooHR

Why do we have per­for­mance appraisals at work?

In the end, why do we have these appraisal systems at work, what is the need of it? In simple words it helps organizations to know whether employees are productive or are a liability. 

  • Enhanced employee self service 
  • 360-degree appraisal will be provided 
  • Manager performance appraisal will be promoted
  • Emphasize on rewards and recognition program 
  • Performance improvement plan for the betterment of the organization as well as the employees

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