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Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot Bird

The medium-sized parrot known by its long name is among the most sought-after species of pets in the Amazon parrot family, due to its striking colors and unbeatable mimicry abilities. The double-headed yellow-headed Amazon parrot is able to imitate opera singers and this is one reason the species has been such a sought-after pet for a long time.

Origin and History

The species is native in Mexico as well as Central And South America, this parrot’s natural habitat is woodlands and forests close to the water. Fish With Big Forehead  The destruction of habitats and trapping to make a profit for the trade in pets have greatly reduced the number of double yellow-headed Amazon parrots in the wild. Just some thousand wild birds are left.

The International Union of Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources classified this bird as an endangered bird species. 1 International treaties make illegal the capture, export or even own wild-caught birds. The captive-bred bird can be legally traded and owned, but documents are required.

Some newly introduced groups of two-headed Amazon parrots reside in various areas including Stuttgart, Germany and a number of places located in Southern California.


When fed with a hand at the age of a baby they can become loved pet. They’re smart, possess amazing “speaking” capability and love to be the focus of interest. However, there are problems that can arise when the pet’s owner is unable or unwilling to give the pet the attention it deserves.

Similar to many parrots yellow-headed Amazons might undergo the hormonal fooling phase as they reach sexual maturation (age between 4 and one year). They may become aggressive and can lunge or attack at individuals in this stage. Bluffing can go on for a few months (and occasionally even two years). If you have children who are likely to interact on a regular basis with the parrot, it might be better to select another species if you intend to buy an adult or young parrot.

The double-headed yellow-headed Amazon tends to form bonds with only one family member. It is possible to avoid this by making sure that a variety of family members feed the bird frequently, especially when it’s young. Feeding with hands by all family members can reduce the bird’s ability to bond with one individual.

Speech and vocalizations

This is the most accurate mimic of all Amazon Parrots as well as being second behind the African gray parrot for its ability to comprehend phrases and words.

It’s also a loud animal, which is with a tendency to scream every day at sunrise and at dusk. These loud noises are typical for the species. The screaming can be problematic when the bird is screaming throughout the day, which could happen when birds are bored because of the lack of attention or stimulation for the mind.

Double-Yellow Head Amazon The Colors as well as Markings

The name of the bird suggests that this bird is yellow on its head. The remainder of its entire body appears green. The head is covered in eye white and the beak’s color is horn-colored. In the early birds the head is dark gray. Birds With Orange Beaks But as time passes the crown turns more yellow as each molt progresses. In the early birds, there are tiny areas of red on the shoulders. 

]The adult head color will not fully take shape until at least six years old. The proportion of yellow can be increasing gradually as the bird grows older.Males and females look exactly the identical. To differentiate them your bird requires genetic testing or a surgical sexual sexing procedures.

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