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How to Get the Right Custom Box Design For Your Business

When it comes to custom box design a lot of factors go into the process. Here are some tips to get your custom box design right. Before you hire a designer, make sure to do some research about your product. For example, do you have a specific theme or concept? If so, the designer will use that to create a concept and theme for the front of the box. They will also work with you to decide on the font, ingredients, and other elements. A good designer will make sure that the design is authentic and not just copied from another company.

Print Bind Ship’s custom box design experts

If you’re in need of custom packaging boxes for your business, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find experts in box design and printing at Print Bind Ship. From choosing a box template to designing a custom finish, they can meet your needs and design the perfect packaging for your business.

Standard shipping boxes

While stock shipping boxes are great for shipping products from one location to another, they are not ideal for e-commerce businesses. Often, these boxes don’t fit the product properly. They also cost a lot more than custom-designed boxes. Also, stock boxes only come in a limited number of styles and sizes, so it’s not easy to find a box that fits your products exactly. Because of this, custom-designed boxes are the best choice for shipments of one item.

Custom box designs are a great way to distinguish your company from the crowd. The best box design firm can optimize the artwork for printing and also help you launch new marketing campaigns. Custom-designed shipments will increase your visibility during the delivery process and increase customer recall of your brand.

Regular slotted cartons

Regular Slotted Cartons (RSC) are the most common and cost-effective type of corrugated packaging. Unlike other styles of boxes, RSCs have uniformly long flaps, which meet at the center of the box when they are folded. These boxes are generally lightweight and durable, with very little manufacturing waste.

These containers are ideal for shipping a variety of products. They are made of corrugated cardboard, which is a renewable resource. They are also highly recyclable. Since they are made from cardboard paper, regular slotted cartons are an environmentally friendly option for shipping. However, you must remember to add packing materials to your box to ensure safe delivery. In most cases, a regular slotted carton needs a fill-in pad that acts as a cushion for the items inside. Once the fill-in pad is inserted, a layer of corrugated fiberboard is laid over the item to protect it.

Regular slotted cartons come in a variety of styles. While the standard style is a five-piece design, custom slotted boxes can also be made with multiple flaps. This style is perfect for items that are long and have a small diameter, as the extra flaps will not poke through the merchandise.

Modern minimalism

Modern minimalism is a design trend that emphasizes neutral colors, a clean look, and harmony. The minimalist look can be derived from many different cultures, but its modern version is based on Scandinavian design. Scandinavian minimalism is characterized by the use of toned colors and wood.

The millennial generation loves minimalist design. They feel that it cuts through the noise of digital media and reflects a brand’s identity. Companies relying on history and tradition should also lean toward minimalism. This type of design is highly effective in communicating the product’s features and benefits.

Minimalism in custom box design is not only attractive but also eco-friendly. While conventional design is full of overbearing patterns and embellishments, modernity focuses on a subtle approach. A classic example of minimalism in custom box design is a white box. The white color is clean and gives the package a chic appeal.


The right typography for custom box design can help you create a strong brand image. For example, a thick sans serif font will communicate a casual brand, while a serif font will communicate a professional brand. Using different fonts to convey different messages can confuse consumers and make them feel unprofessional.

When choosing the font, remember that size and spacing are also important. Large letters and space between words are more legible. Using large, bold type will also make the text easy to read. You can also choose the color scheme depending on the type of product you’re promoting. Colors should align with your brand’s design style guide, and they should also evoke the desired emotions in your target market.

Fonts speak a lot about your brand. Choose a typeface that is legible and easy to read, and make sure the style of the font matches the tone of your brand.


The colors of your custom box design play a significant role in the perception of your product. The right colors can evoke certain emotions and create brand loyalty. They can also be used as effective marketing tools. However, you must consider your target market before choosing the color scheme for your packaging. Here are some guidelines to help you decide the right color combination:

– If your company uses Adobe Illustrator to create your designs, then you should use the CMYK color system for your custom box design. This system ensures a better color output and saves on ink. This method is recommended for those who want to print logos and other graphic material in a high-quality manner.

– Choose colors that are appealing to your target audience. For instance, blue is considered a universally attractive color. However, it is also important to remember that different groups of people have different preferences for various colors. If you’re aiming to appeal to a diverse audience, you should use specific colors.


When creating box apparel you can enhance the visual appeal of your product by adding a Texture. Textures can be embossed, debossed, foiled, laminated, and printed. They can also be custom made to suit the dimensions of your product. You can also print your company name or special quote on the packaging.

Textured packaging is a great way to differentiate your product from the competition. Many consumers use touch to choose products. It’s also essential to be small enough to be picked up by consumers. Using texture can help make the packaging stand out and intrigue consumers who are looking for abstract marketing techniques.

Almost any pattern can be used as a texture. A photoshop filter can also be used to apply a texture. This will add interest to other design elements.


Mailers are among the most popular marketing materials used by small businesses, but they can easily stand out from the crowd with the right design decisions. One of the most important decisions to make is to determine the material to be used for your custom box. Some materials are more attractive than others, and will add a different vibe to your mailers. For instance, Magic White material is perfect for high-end branding, while Kraft material is more rustic, and would be a good choice for dark-colored items.

The next step is to determine the dimensions of your boxes. Normally, cardboard boxes are described by their length, width, and height. To measure them accurately, you can use a blank template, and then add up those dimensions one at a time. This process can be frustrating if you don’t know exactly how to measure your boxes, so using a blank template is a good way to make it easier.


Branding custom box design is a great way to spread your company’s message. Whether you’re selling products to customers, or you’re looking to increase sales and brand awareness, custom box designs can help you do both. You can customize the shape, size, and color of your box to fit your brand’s needs.

The first step is to determine your brand’s overall look and feel. The designer will then work with you to come up with a design based on your research. This includes the front of the box, interior design, lettering, and filler materials. If you’re selling luxury goods, consider adding a splash of color to the interior, or using gold foil lettering or embossing. You can also add a custom branded tissue paper to give the packaging a luxurious feel. If you’re selling natural or organic products, choose a simple crinkle paper or earth-toned paper for your packaging.

Another way to brand your custom box design is to add a company logo. Using a company logo on your packaging gives potential customers the impression that you’re a renowned brand, which helps establish trust and boost sales. A brand’s logo also helps you build a relationship with customers and shows that you care about them and their experience.

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