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Criteria to select the best school for your child in Bangalore

Every parent will look for the best education for their children and keep no stone unturned for the same. One will want their children to experience the best of the best environment, which will help them flourish and make the process of learning easier and make them responsible and confident individuals in the future.

There are three main Education Boards to choose from, and this is a crucial decision to be made at the earlier stages of education itself so that one need not face problems later in their school life transitioning to another education Board. 

The three Education boards to choose from are as follows:

CBSE: CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary Education and is one of India’s most well-known education boards. Some of the best cbse school in bangalore offer widespread and 360-degree exposure to maximum knowledge along with a specialized concentration in the subjects like maths and science. Hence, the ones that have the vision to either pursue further education specializing in these or related to these must opt for this board. It is an ideal education board for students to prepare them for competitive exams, which are a must for almost all courses and also for studying abroad.

ICSE: ICSE board stands for Indian School Certificate Examination Board, which covers education in a very composite manner. The students who graduated from this board are experts in the practical and analytical aspects of education. Additionally, this board also offers more variety of subjects to select from when compared to the other two.

IGCSE: IGCSE is an abbreviation for International General Certificate of Secondary Education. These boards have the greatest acceptability, especially when it comes to colleges and universities abroad. So, if one has the wish to send their children definitely to study abroad, this is a better option as the students from this board have the upper hand during selection procedures. Also, the syllabus is considered to be more difficult as compared to CBSE Board and involves several internal assignments for students so that their practical knowledge and applicability are higher in terms of new concepts.

While selecting among some of the best cbse schools in Bangalore, it is also important to keep their extracurricular and recreational capabilities in mind so that your child can have an all-around personality development. These are as follows:

  • Infrastructure: Infrastructure includes facilities like a playground, comfortable seating arrangement, library, swimming pool, laboratories, and theatrical auditoriums so that all requirements of art, craft, sports, and studies can be covered with convenience under one roof.
  • Hygiene: When it comes to your children, hygiene plays a very important role, as their immune systems at an early stage are quite weak and will require a higher standard of hygiene and cleanliness to keep up with studies and extracurricular activities.
  • Security: Mostly, all schools in Bangalore have a proper and well-equipped security arrangement as the security of students should be the highest priority for the school. Even the recruitment of teachers and helping staff should be well-monitored for safe practices.

It is difficult for parents to get a complete overview of every point discussed in this article, and that is where the services of an education consultant like Skoolz plays a very important as they are a one-stop solution for every learning and education needs of your children.


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