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A Concrete Driveway for Your Home: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you have decided to build your own concrete driveway, it’s important to understand the steps involved in the process so that you can plan out your time and budget appropriately. This guide on building a concrete driveway will outline all of the steps in the process, so you can be confident that you have done everything correctly. A concrete driveway is definitely worth the effort!

Step 1: Finding the Right Contractor

Useful questions to ask a contractor are their number of years in business, how many driveways they’ve poured and if they’ve ever done the type of driveway you’re considering. Always check licensing and don’t be afraid to ask for references.

Step 2: Getting Permits and Planning

Even if you’re going to install your own driveway, it’s important to get the appropriate permits. Call ahead to find out what type of permit will be needed based on where you live and how big your concrete driveway is. One company that specializes in building driveways in Vancouver is – WA.

Step 3: Marking Out the Location

First you need to have a clear idea of where the concrete driveway will be situated on your property. Mark out the area with stakes, string, or chaulk.

Step 4: Breaking Ground

Concrete Driveway Construction in Vancouver WA recommends that the concrete driveway be broken ground no more than two days before your project begins. In some circumstances, it is possible to break ground one day ahead of schedule, but this should only happen if work can commence the following day. Breaking ground on a too hard or too soft base will result in cracks and settlement. The ideal soil mix is a sandy gravel base that offers high drainage but still has enough stability to prevent any subsidence problems.

Step 5: Excavating

Excavating is one of the most difficult parts of the job, requiring a lot of time and hard work. To start this process, your contractor will mark off an area large enough to fit the new driveway by using stakes and brightly colored string. Then, a specialized machine is used to create a trench that’s at least two feet deep, two feet wide, and as long as you want your driveway to be.

Step 6: Laying Pipes and Fitting Forms

The next step is to lay the pipes and fit the forms. Begin by installing each joint, making sure that they are of equal lengths. The bottom joints should be attached to the form, which has already been prepared with cement and water, forming a pan. Assemble the pipes and slide them into place on top of the lower joints, then build up an even base with wet cement to hold them in place. Check for level before adding more concrete.

If you are not an expert and want hassle-free, then I will recommend hiring concrete driveway construction, which will do everything for you and will build your home driveway.

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