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Can A Rock Breaker Help in Avoiding Damage to The Excavator And Backhoe?

The excavator and backhoe are heavy equipment that is very common in the construction industry. Most of the heavy-duty jobs on construction sites require an excavator and backhoe as they make the work easier and faster. However, the damage to this equipment may cause extra repair costs for you. In this instance, the hydraulic rock breaker as an attachment is used to save the damage to these two giant machines. Proper use of equipment along with suitable attachments can extend its lifespan as well.

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On the other hand, good quality hydraulic rock breaker can be the best fit for your excavator and backhoe whereas a poor-quality breaker may cause serious damage to the machines. In this article, we are giving you an analysis of how can a hydraulic rock breaker can help you to avoid damage to the excavator and backhoe and sometimes to the equipment like the cat d8 dozer.

1. Keep the engine speed at medium

It is suggested to operate the machine at the optimal speed. Do not over speed it while working on the site. It may cause damage to the machine and site as well. The hydraulic breaker works best at medium speed and it will enhance the working capacity of the machine too.

2. Keep the hydraulic oil free from pollution

It is important to keep the hydraulic breaker system free from pollution as it is the main reason for failure in the hydraulic system. The pollution in oil may cause damage to the hydraulic pump and the machine as well. Regularly check the oil status and change it when necessary. Do not leave it unattended. It may create pollution in the environment too due to the release of hazardous chemicals.

3. Timely replace the oil seal

When the oil seal is leaked and left open then it may cause problems for everything. You must change the seal of it immediately before it gets worse. When the oil seal is left open, then the dust and other particles may cause pollution and deteriorate the quality of the oil. After every 600-800 hours of running of the hydraulic rock breaker, the oil should be changed.

4. Clean the pipeline of oil

Any contamination in the pipeline of the oil may also cause damage to the oil and then the hydraulic breaker in the end. Before installing the pipeline, you must clean it thoroughly. It is also suggested that regularly clean the pipeline so that any accumulation of dirt may be removed and the hydraulic system keeps working.

5. Preheat the hydraulic system

Experts and manufacturers suggest that preheating the hydraulic system before use is beneficial for both the machine and the rock breaker. Start the hydraulic system and keep it running for a while and then start operating the equipment. You can also use this hydraulic rock breaker system in equipment like a cat d8 dozer.

Final Thoughts

The hydraulic rock breaker is the attachment that helps the excavator and backhoe save from being damaged. The proper use of this attachment makes your equipment life better. It also helps to boost the productivity of the machine in many ways such as breaking the hard rocks. However, the right use of this rock breaker is mandatory to bring efficiency. In this article, you may know how these rock breakers should be used to avoid damage to excavators and backhoes.

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