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Brustro Watercolor- Your Painting Partner

Humans have constantly evolved over the years and what adds to their development is their skill to learn and express different art forms beautifully. Art is something that depicts creativity, emotions, imagination, and power. Arts are a visual form of professional and technical expertise. People who understand and take a deep interest in various art forms can only commend the beauty of art forms. We all need something to enhance our life. Something to look at and get immersed in beauty. Life is a circle of ups and downs, but we need something to look at and get inspired to keep going. To earn a living, the daily routine might seem boring. To get away from that boredom, a person needs to take up activities like art to add an element of joy into his life. That something which can glow up our lives is ‘Art’. Humans practice various art forms across the world. All these vary according to the region, culture, and traditions.

Out of the many art forms, painting is one such form that depicts beauty through colours. Painting, like any other art form, is based on theoretical knowledge, involves the application of creativity, and needs some tools to make a painting. The world has witnessed the art of painting for ages. Cave paintings, wall paintings, portraits, etc. are more than 1 lakh years old forms of painting. Paintings are made on solid surfaces like paper sheets, canvas, cloth, walls, wood, glass, etc. A surface can be tinted using several colour forms. Also, there are different painting styles and techniques which are all branches of painting but still unique in their way. Painting is making a picture or scenery with colours on a solid surface using a brush. Traditionally brushes have been used for painting. Over the years of development of this art form developed, people also started using knives, sponges, tissue paper, etc.

Since colours are the basic requirement for painting, your choice of colours according to your surface will affect your painting. For different surfaces, different colours are specified. According to the surface to be painted, a painter also chooses the apt painting medium. To make a painting, thus, an artist has to decide about the painting surface, the painting medium, painting style or technique, painting colours, and painting brush. After deciding on the painting tools, the artist uses his imagination and creativity and starts creating a painting.

There is diversity in everything around us. So is in painting. There are various painting methods that a person can learn and practice. Also, the fact that one can even create his painting methods with the tools he has. Painting has no limitations and ends. It is always open to your creativity and welcomes new styles. But if one is new to painting and wants to learn basic painting styles, then watercolours are recommended. They are easy to learn and use.

Watercolours are formed of water-soluble materials, which are mixed with water and then applied to paper for creating beautiful pieces. But one has to be cautious with the quality of watercolours he is using. Some watercolours are of low quality and can make the paper extremely watery or the colours when dry become dull and do not give that shine. Therefore, one must choose high-quality watercolours if one wants the painting to turn out the best. Brustro watercolor are the best quality watercolours. The watercolour set is a pack of 24 different watercolour tubes. The pack is easy to carry and use as it is a systematic pack with well-packed colour tubes. The most commonly used 24 shades are provided in the pack and the intermixing property of its colours makes up for chances of exploring many new and different shades from just 24 colours.

Brustro offers many painting mediums and various tools for painting. Many unique and outstanding painting tools and products are available in the market. However, watercolours, acrylic, and oil pastel colour painting remain the most popular ones. The best part Brustro watercolours are that their quality exceptional as they offer the best of the characteristics a watercolour is capable of giving. These colours are transparent and opaque at the same time. It allows the glow of the paper sheet to reflect through the colours and also does not allow light to pass through the paper making the painting look transparent. It enhances the shine of the painting giving it a complete matte and furnished look.

The watercolours are resistant to light. Many times, watercolour paintings when exposed to sunlight tend to fade away. These colours are not so. They do not leave their shine and glow in the light. The material and pigment with which the watercolours are made are highly efficient. They are balanced with other chemicals in the appropriate ratios to ensure that when these colours are used on paper, they turn out just like you want them to. It provides both wet and dry services. The colours can be mixed in a colour pallet and if they dry up, with water they can be used again. A single colour can be mixed easily with different shades which allows you to explore many different shades. The non-staining property of these colours allows the painter to live off the colours with water without harming the paper fibres.

Brustro watercolours can become your best painting partners. They are useful for both learners and professionals. The easily flowing quality of these colours makes the brush go softly over the painting sheet and gives the perfect blend and intermixing to the colours. The paintings will turn out amazing with these colours. Though painting, being an art form, depends on a person’s creativity, practice and expertise but when these qualities of an artist are depicted with the best painting tools, the outcome turns out to be great. Non-toxicity of colours ensures that they are safe for all and are not harmful. Brustro watercolours are the best quality, highly efficient, and 100% safe painting medium for your eloquent paintings. Use amazing tools and depict amazing emotions through your art forms.

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