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Breeds of savannah cats? best breeders of savannah cats in usa

what are savannah cats?

savannah cats are the cross between a serval and a domestic cat. The Savannah cat is tall and lean in shape and size, savannah cats are affectionate unlike the serval cats.They were first found in the early 1980s , savannah kitten is a new breed but its popular, famous singer Justin Bieber also owns a savannah cat worth $35k.

Types of savannah cats

  • An F1 savannah cat has one serval parent and one domestic cat parent, so it is 50% serval. These cats are the largest and least affectionate of the savannahs because they are closer to wild animals than to later generations. The weight is up to 25 pounds and stands about 17 to 19 inches. They are the most expensive breed of savannah ($20,000-25000) but we are selling it at cheap price!
  • An F2 savannah kitten has a serval grandparent. f2 looks like f1 savannah cat, but it is more caring and affectionate than f1 savannah.These cats are suitable for families with kids
  • An F3 cat has a serval great-grandparent. it weigh up to 20-22 pound . even though they look quite wild but their personalities are caring and even more loving than F2s.

Savannah Kitten Breeders?

Whenever you’ve settled on a Kitten of a specific variety, make sure to get one from a decent raiser. A decent feline raiser is enrolled in a reproducers affiliation and breeds as per the standards and rules of the particular variety affiliation. As well as partaking in excellence and execution shows at feline shows, this additionally incorporates the well-being minds of their rearing felines.

Why are we reputable breeders of savannah cats?

  • Our savannah kittens are lovely and healthy.
  • our cats adapt to new surroundings very well.
  • our savannah kittens come with a proper nutrition plan and a health certificate.
  • our savannah kittens are affectionate and caring like to sit on your lap.
  • savannah cats follow wherever you go

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