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Bath Bomb Boxes Wholesale with Logo

We customize bath bomb boxes in various dimensions, sizes, and styles depending on the requirements of clients and products as well. Generally, bath bombs have an exclusive circle shape. But they may vary in size. So, we make sure to customize a befitting and distinctive box packaging. Most of the clients need bath bombs individually packed. While some request numerous items packed in a single box. However, we offer the following box styles for bath bomb packaging wholesale:

  1. Bath bomb box with die-cuts
  2. Bath bomb mailer box
  3. Two-piece box
  4. Sleeve packaging
  5. Tuck front box
  6. Bath bomb box with inserts

Wide Range of Material Options for Bath Bomb Boxes Wholesale:

People are conscious regarding their skin care products. They make sure that bath bombs are packed in the finest quality material. We offer four stock choices for the customization of custom bath bomb boxes. These include kraft, cardboard, rigid and corrugated. Kraft is entirely recyclable. It is lightweight and keeps bath bombs protected. The durable cardboard keeps sensitive skin care items protected from moisture and pollutants. It also helps in retaining their fragrance. Corrugated material is best for customizing a mailer box. Corrugated containing flutes prevent products from traveling shocks. You can use rigid for gift box packaging or add value to your product.

Top-Notch and Advanced Printing Modes for Captivating Prints:

Our company does not compromise on quality. Therefore, we use top-rate printing machines and tools for high-quality prints. Our printing involves offset, digital, and screen printing. Regarding the color modes, we have CMYK and PMS options. We propose CMYK for full-color or superb-quality images. On the other hand, Pantone processing offers endless color shades and creates accurate color prints. Whether they go for full-color or one-color printing depends on the clients.

Act Green with Eco-Friendly Bath Bomb Packaging:

You can give natural vibes to your organic bath bombs with green packaging. We offer eco-friendly stock options. Our printing inks and add-ons are also 100% climate-friendly. We suggest you apply aqueous coating on the box packaging to give gloss, satin, and matt texture to the surface of the packaging.

Various Add-Ons for The Adornment of Box Packaging:

We offer an extensive collection of add-ons and finishings. The application of laminations, embellishments, and coatings adds strength and charm to the box packaging. Our finishing options involve the following:

• Embossing/ Debossing:

Embossing and debossing give a subtle effect to the colors and increase their vibrancy. You can emboss the logo designs to distinguish them from the color designs. Debossing acts opposite to it.

• Foil stamping:

You can enrich the color design of the bath bomb packaging with foil stamping.

• Add-ons:

In add-ons, we have die-cuts, window cut-outs, inserts, ribbons, etc. A bath bomb box with a window and die-cut allows the onlookers to see through their favorite item. Inserts keep bath bombs intact and secure from traveling shocks.

What Kinds of Bath Bombs Boxes Do We Manufacture?

We tailor-made the following types of bath bomb boxes wholesale:

• Mailer boxes:

A Mailer box is one of the most reasonable and helpful boxes for shipping. It is composed of sturdy corrugated. Its strong nature keeps things protected during shipping.

• Gift bath bomb boxes:

The premium quality rigid box will be an excellent option for gift box packaging. It is hard and unable to bend. You can embellish the box with plenty of finishings and add-ons. You can add inserts, die-cuts, and pull-me ribbons to give a magnificent look to the box packaging.

• Bath bomb display boxes:

Retail shops look for novel ways to showcase their items before the audiences. Counter display boxes are suitable for this purpose. You can place them on retail shelves and attract customers towards bath bombs with the help of attractive designs and graphics.

Choose iCustomBoxes for High-Quality Bath Bomb Packaging:

  • Free of cost worldwide shipping
  • Free plates and die-cuts
  • Free 2D and 3D design samples
  • Free design support
  • Affordable costs
  • Sustainable and finest quality packaging material
  • Shortest turnaround time
  • No hidden charges

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