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Apple Beats Them All: Here The Competition Has Been Left Behind

Apple Beats Them All: Here The Competition

The market for smartphones is very competitive. Smartphone makers like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi are always competing to see who can sell the most phones.Best Car Gps 2022 Every three months, numbers are put out and stage winners are chosen. This is also what happened in the last quarter of last year.

2021 was a good year for the people who make smartphones. Gba Emulator For Ios According to a report from the market research firm Gartner, sales of mobile phones around the world went up by 6%. Apple was able to get a big share of the growth and sold more cell phones with contracts than any other company. Especially in the second half of the year, the industry had trouble getting things delivered.

Apple Top Despite Difficulties

Apple sold almost 83 million devices to customers around the world in the fourth quarter of last year. This was more than any other company. In this time period, Samsung came in second, selling about 70 million cell phones, and Xiaomi came in third, selling almost 45 million smartphones.

Analysts say that upgrades to smartphones that can use 5G were the main reason for the overall strong numbers. There’s a good chance that the iPhones that came out in September 2021, like the iPhone 13 Pro Max (shown here with a contract), played a big part. It seems that Apple did really well in China and was able to take market share from Chinese companies like Xiaomi. As you can read in the recommended article, there is also a new leader in cell phone processors:

Second Place Overall

So, it’s likely that Apple’s new iPhones were able to grab a share of the market as soon as they came out in the fourth quarter, but Gartner says that the U.S. came in second overall for 2021. Samsung is the company that sold the most cell phones over the whole year.

The fight goes on, though. In the middle of 2022, at the start. Apple could release a new iPhone SE as soon as March 8, and we’re also expecting an event from Samsung later this month, where the Galaxy A53 could be shown, among other things. So it stays interesting.

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