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Eyelashes are a part of our body that, in addition to fulfilling an important biological function (they protect the eyeball from dirt and bacteria), have become a key element in improving our appearance and emphasizing our gaze and, therefore, our beauty.

There are many specialized methods in the treatment of eyelashes that help us improve our physical attractiveness, such as putting on Eyelash extension phoenix extensions that lengthen the hair and achieve a “fan” effect; There are also methods to dye the lashes semi-permanently and thus ensure that they are always highlighted without the need to use mascara or makeup.

But in today’s Vanitas Espai post we are going to solve all your doubts about eyelashes: from the basic functionality that this part of the body gives us to conditions or discomfort that we can feel in this area. Pay attention because, now, we are going to give you the answers to all the whys about the tabs. WHY DO WE HAVE TABS?
The reason why eyelashes exist on our body is to protect our eyes. Keep in mind that the hair in this area acts as a shield, preventing external elements such as dirt, bacteria, or impurities from penetrating and damaging the eyeball. Think that our eyes are very sensitive and, therefore, must be perfectly isolated to prevent a harmful agent from damaging them.

The eyelashes are, therefore, a natural barrier that prevents elements such as dust, sand, etc., from entering the eye, and, therefore, it is totally protected. But this is not all! They also help filter the sun’s rays, they are like our particular “visor”; if they did not exist, our eyes would be irritated by the sun and we would not be able to correctly appreciate our surroundings in the sunniest hours.

If you want to know why eyelashes do not grow, the first thing you should know is that they are slow growing. Unlike other areas of the body such as body hair or hair, eyelashes have a very slow rate of growth and, for this reason, you may not even realize that they are growing. But grow, they do grow. So, if you’ve had a mishap like you’ve been burned (which sometimes happens to smokers, when lighting a cigarette too close to your face), or you’ve cut them too short, or you’ve accidentally ripped some off: don’t worry, the damage is by no means irreparable. WHY DO EYELASHES FALL OUT?
But what are the causes of eyelashes falling out? In addition to its own life cycle, as we have just discussed, there are other factors that can accelerate its fall. Here we discover them:

It is one of the main reasons that the eyelashes fall out excessively. If you make up your eyelashes daily with mascara or masks, you can affect the health of the hair and end up with its fall. To avoid this, it is recommended that you switch to using top-quality products and avoid the use of instruments such as the eyelash curler as much as possible, as it can weaken the hair.

It is also essential that every night before going to bed, you remove your make-up correctly to allow them to regenerate during sleep and to be able to be strong again. So, every night you must remove your makeup with a powerful product and, thus, you will be able to avoid massive eyelash loss.

Regular eyelashes falling out may be a sign that the makeup you’re wearing isn’t right for you because it’s causing an allergic reaction. It may be that some component of the mask is affecting you and, therefore, damaging your health of it causing it to fall. To check if this is happening to you, it is best to spend a few days without using said cosmetic, let your eyelashes rest, and see if you notice any improvement. If so, try another product or consult your doctor to find out what may be the origin of your allergy.

More and more women are developing allergies to some type of cosmetic or hairdressing product. That is why at Vanitas Espai we offer you treatments with hypoallergenic products.

Living with a high level of stress or anxiety can affect the health of our eyelashes and cause them to fall out. The reason is that, by having the nervous system altered, you prevent the blood from circulating correctly and, therefore, the nutrients from the food are not distributed correctly throughout the body, thus preventing this area of ​​the body from receiving the vitamins it needs. to be strong. Remember that white blood cells are responsible for distributing oxygen to our body, therefore, if we do not have proper circulation we also prevent our body from being able to oxygenate itself and, therefore, be in perfect condition.

Eating a nutrient-poor diet can also cause eyelashes to fall out. Remember that it is through a diet that we introduce vitamins and minerals to our body and, therefore, if we do not follow healthy habits with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and low in fat and toxins, we will not properly nourish our body in general, nor our particular tabs.

Of all the nutrients, it is vitamin A, B, and E and Omega 3 fatty acids that will help you improve the health of your eyelashes and stimulate their growth; In addition, these nutrients are also perfect for you to show off more cared for skin and perfect hair.

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