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AndroRat phone hacking software along with training

AndroRat phone hacking software along with training and download to make a rat

AndroRat phone hacking software along with training and downloading to make a rat, AndroRat phone hacking software is one of the most interesting Android phone hacking programs. The part of the name of this program, marked with RAT, stands for Remote Administrative Tool. Therefore, the nature of the application is determined by its name, and with this application, you can remotely control other people’s phones.

AndroRat phone hack software

This program will be launched automatically after the recipient’s phone is turned on. Some of the most interesting information that you can get using the AndroidRAT program includes things like comprehensive information about your contact list, call list, SMS, locations, etc. Using this program, you can even remotely command to make phone calls, send SMS, take pictures with the phone camera, automatically open the browser page, etc. So if you are looking for a professional and interesting phone hacking app, AndroidRAT is one of the best options out there.

Training and download of making Rat

Before we want to talk about Android AndroRAT, we must say that another program that can be used to have comprehensive and complete control over the target phone is the monitoring and control program of Free Monitoring, which is able to control all to provide information related to a mobile phone to its users. In addition to controlling the phone, this program is able to fully monitor messages, calls, social networks, installed programs, and positions and routes traveled.

Dear user, first of all, you should keep in mind that this software is only placed on the site to teach how to work with hacking programs so that those interested in security can use it to avoid harm. Find out the vulnerabilities in the Android operating system and take action to fix these vulnerabilities in your phone and other family members.

In the first step, we need a place on the Internet to send the information obtained from the AndroRat phone hacking software. For this purpose, we first enter the site and create a host with the desired name.

Now we need to perform port transfer operations. The port forwarding operation is done in a special way for each modem. So, to carry out the port transfer, it is better to search your modem type on Google and then find out how to transfer the port in it.

Now download the AndroRat Blinder software and then enter the name of the host you have created in the Hostname field and the corresponding port name in the Port field. Now choose a name for the corresponding file and click on Go. (If you want to present the file you made in the form of another program and combine it, go to the Build + Blind tab and enter the apk file you want from there.)

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