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A Guide to Find the Non-Toxic Skin Care Products 

An organic product cannot include any substances that are poisonous, irritable, or allergic. It’s not only about the logo when making organic items; it also entails adopting an ethical stance. European law prohibits the use of animals in the cosmetics sector, but organic brands previously stopped using them before this law was passed. However, this amount of information is not enough to identify non-toxic skin care products. Dig deep to learn about the tips! 

Tip 1: Look at the ingredients list

“A simple method to tell is to look for plant names from nature that you are familiar with. Make sure that nothing artificial or synthetic is tucked away between the botanical names.

According to Tata Harper, creator of the self-titled natural/nontoxic beauty care line, “Look for ingredient claims like ‘paraben-free,” mineral oil-free or ‘SLS-free’ that are frequently seen on the box. This is typically a warning sign because it only means that it’s free of those few keyword components, but you can be sure that if you read the label, there will still be plenty of other ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

In addition to parabens, watch out for phthalates, triclosan, propylene glycol, and any phrase that starts with “petro” when searching for natural anti-aging serum or any other product. 

These substances are known endocrine disruptors and have been associated with a wide range of other health problems, including allergies and asthma. 

Tip 2: Consider other factors in addition to the word “natural” in the product name

The term “natural” has generated a lot of controversies and has become perplexing in a number of sectors, particularly the beauty industry. 

Researching ingredients and brands themselves is actually what matters. Do the items’ production procedures appear on the brand’s website? Or the ingredients that they employ to make the best anti-aging face serum or other products? You could find that finding the information you need is simpler than you initially thought.

Tip 3: Avoid anything with the term “fragrance” in the name

Another warning sign is the presence of the word “fragrance” in the ingredient list. This phrase can cover up a blend of up to hundreds of different synthetic perfume chemicals. The word falls under a federal loophole that allows producers to conceal possibly dozens of man-made compounds. For instance, if your face serum for anti-aging has mentioned fragrance, then chemical substances are present in the product. This may affect your skin in the long run.

Tip 4: The brand must have certification 

Many companies claim that their product is ‘natural’ when the formula is a blend of natural and synthetic. I believe that you really need to look for that 100% certification. There is no industry standard for seals, but certification implies that all of its products are 100 percent natural. 


Who doesn’t want flawless lashes, hair that shines like diamonds, and ageless skin? It might be challenging to resist the attractive packaging and alluring claims available on today’s beauty products. However, there are frequently some fairly frightening compounds hidden beneath those imposing claims and that alluring aroma. So, above are some good tips for finding reliable non-toxic skin care products that you can implement anytime.

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