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5 Practical Baby Shower Gifts for a New Mum

Every new mum is sure to be overwhelmed with the new season approaching her life. A baby shower is a great way to help ease the pressure off her by gifting her with some presents with practical use for her and her baby. Baby showers are a celebration of a new life and a way of welcoming the unborn baby into the family!

Just buying the mum a dress or some heels to go with it is not going to help her on the journey of motherhood. If you are a mother, you would know how excited, nervous and afraid you were before the birth of your baby. Here a few practical gifts you could give to a new mum at a baby shower:

1.     Diapers

You can never go wrong with gifting some diapers and wipes. Not only is this a unisex baby gift, it is highly practical. All babies need diapers and wipes to go with it. Do note that some babies are more sensitive than others. To curb this issue, ensure to purchase good brands that accommodate products specially created for sensitive babies.

2.     A Lamaze Toy

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If you haven’t heard, well now you have. The Lamaze toy is a clip-on toy that helps in the sensory development of a baby. You can get these toys in a variety of shapes, patterns, textures, colours and sizes. Most mums keep it hanging on the stroller in case their baby starts making a fuss in public. A great way to avoid a future baby tantrum! She will surely appreciate this gift, even though she may not understand it at first.

3.     Big Muslin Blankets

Bigger the better. These blankets can be utilized in a variety of ways. Such as being used as a swaddle, blanket, changing pad cover, nursing cover and much more! The practicality of this gift lies in its versatility. It is not just a big piece of cloth; it is one of the most practical gifts a mum-to-be could ever receive!

4.     Bigger Baby Clothes

We all know that the number one gift at a baby shower will always be baby clothes. While baby clothes are a very useful gifts, most tend to purchase clothes fit for a new born up to 3 months and afterwards there is a mountain of clothes that no longer fit the baby! Maybe this time around, buy the baby some larger clothes suitable between 0-6 months and 12-18 months, so the new mum doesn’t have to worry about going clothes shopping whilst looking after her baby for at least a year.

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5.     Teething Toy

A teether or teething toy is needed desperately by any mum once their child begins the teething process. This is where the teeth start coming out and it becomes long and painful. This can occur anywhere between six to twenty-four months. Buy a teething toy and it will be a huge load off a mum. She will definitely be thankful for this gift.

Do not just go into a baby shower with a general gift. Get practical with your baby shower presents and the mum-to-be will surely remember who gave the gift to her!

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